Eichler Remodel in Burlingame, California

Eichler Remodel in Burlingame, California

By Monique Valeris
After commissioning Klopf Architecture to design an addition to their ranch-style property more than 10 years ago, a Burlingame, California, couple with three children started looking for a modern space they could make into a permanent home.

The duo tapped Klopf once again to design the contemporary house they’d been seeking from the start, and their vision finally came to fruition this year with a remodeled Eichler. From the kitchen to the laundry rooms, this home has been completely transformed into a clean, open space with rooms that blend seamlessly into each other.

In an effort to create a more open floor plan, a portion of the wall between the kitchen, family area, and dining room was removed. Part of the dining room wall was also replaced with a huge window that not only makes a statement, but also gives the family a stunning view of the backyard area. Photo by Mariko Reed.

The kitchen remodel included creating more space and installing a single-plane island that served as the perfect spot for the family’s children to do everything from eating to studying schoolwork. Photo by Mariko Reed.

A girl’s bedroom features a ceiling with wainscoting—an impactful way to enhance the space. Photo by Mariko Reed.

Here, the relationship between indoors and outdoors is on full display. The architects aimed to create a smooth transition between the two areas by incorporating glass doors that don’t obstruct any views. Photo by Mariko Reed.

An all-white design brightens up the bathroom, making it feel serene and comfortable for the family. Photo by Mariko Reed.

The combination of high ceilings and a cathedral-style design add character to the kitchen area. Photo by Mariko Reed.

The living area opens beautifully into the outdoor area, which is a key design element of Eichler homes. Photo by Mariko Reed.


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