Dwell Store Spotlight: Soma Water

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By Marianne Colahan
A bestseller at the Dwell Store, Soma is an innovative product that we love because it reaches beyond other purifying systems in the marketplace. Comprised of a sleek hourglass-shaped glass carafe and all-natural, biodegradable filters, Soma offers a simplified design that highlights the water purification process.

The company was launched after a dinner party at founder Mike Del Ponte’s house, when he went to serve water from a plastic-filtered pitcher and realized it wasn’t attractive enough to set on the table. He decided to pour the water into a wine decanter but promptly spilled it. It was then that he decided to create a system that was as pleasing to the eye as it was functional.

The Soma Water Filter is available at the Dwell Store for $49.

The Soma Water Filter is available at the Dwell Store for $49.

Another reason to like Soma? Not only is the company based in our hometown of San Francisco, but they’ve recently partnered with charity: water to help those in need. The collaboration has yielded a limited-edition Soma container and the company’s promise to donate $12.50 to charity: water for each system purchased.

The Soma water filter is available at the Dwell Store, and additional filters and subscription services can be purchased at Soma’s website.