Dwell Store Gift Guide: For the Entertainer

Dwell Store Gift Guide: For the Entertainer

By Marianne Colahan
We know you’ve got one on your holiday list—that friend who will find just about any reason to have a get-together. And she really throws a good party, doesn’t she? Show her how much you love her soirées by getting her a gift that she’ll love to show off at her next fête. View some of our favorite gift ideas here, and check out the full For the Entertainer Collection at the Dwell Store.

While your favorite at-home bartender may have gotten swept up in the mixology craze, we think she’ll appreciate a gift that takes it back to a classic—the gin martini. Have her ditch that old cocktail shaker and present her with Yukiwa's, a 24-karat gold-plated cocktail shaker that evokes the iconic three-piece cobbler shaker, but with a Midas touch. Pair the shaker with a set of gold-plated jiggers, and a cocktail mixing glass and gold-plated barspoon if she prefers her cocktails stirred.

24-Karat Collection, $42–$128

This luxe set includes a cocktail shaker, jiggers, and mixing spoon, all of which are plated in 24-karat gold. It also includes a simple glass mixing glass.

Add this classic gin martini recipe to your gift, and we bet she’ll whip you up a cocktail to commend your gift. In fact, we think once she sees our 24-karat gold-plated barware collection, she’ll throw an entire party just to celebrate.

Tina Frey Large Champagne Bucket, $300

This large bucket is the perfect home for some bottles of bubbly. It is handcrafted from resin in Tina Frey’s Bay Area studio.

The Classic Gin Martini

Margot Glass Collection, $110–$130

Sculptural and distinctive glassware, the Margot Collection was designed by Felica Ferrone. Each borosilicate glass is handmade by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic.


Sendan Tokusa Bowl, $22

This bowl is a multi-tasker any entertainer will lover. She’ll use it for dips, snacks, and even prep. It features the traditional Tokusa design from 17th to 19th century Japan.

  • 2 ½ oz. gin
  • ½ oz. dry vermouth
  • 3 olives for garnish
  • Several ice cubes

RIEN Drinking Glasses – Set of four, $56

These drinking glasses can be used for water, cordials, and even wine. The glasses are stackable, and feature a cone-shaped base for a distinctive look.


Hanger Folding Chair, $200

If small spaces have your favorite entertainer in a party pickle, the Hanger Folding Chair from Umbra Shift is a thoughtful gift that will offer extra seating that won’t take up space when the party’s over. The chair folds and can be hung from a closet or hook—and it’s available in a range of fun colors.

  • Use both of the jiggers. The 2 oz. jigger can be used for the gin.
  • The 1 oz. jigger conveniently turns over to a ½ oz. capacity: Use the ½ oz. side for the remaining gin and the vermouth and pour into the cocktail shaker over the ice.
  • Close the shaker and vigorously shake.
  • Strain the martini into a cocktail glass, and garnish with olives.

Stone Cake Stand, $180

This Cake Stand from Tom Dixon will take your friend’s artful dessert displays to the next level. A substantial white Morwad marble base supports a ribbed brass plate that is finished with a warm gold wash and adorned with a neat circumferential lip to enhance the perfect presentation.

Quick, easy, and classic, this recipe will be heightened by the 24-karat gold-plated collection, which is striking enough to be left on display after use. With this gift, your favorite entertainer will be rendered speechless, unless of course, she’s making a toast to you!

Solid Copper Cup, $21

From water to a Moscow Mule, this copper cup from Yield Design Co. is a cup that everyone will want to sip from. It is made from solid copper, and is naturally insulating—the perfect device for keeping cocktails cool.


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