Dwell Made Presents: DIY Walnut Dining Table

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By Ben Uyeda
Craft your own live-edge walnut dining table with this step-by-step video and guide.

In this episode of Dwell Made, Ben Uyeda of HomeMade Modern makes a solid, live-edge walnut dining table out of wood from WoodSlabs.com. The table top is biscuit-jointed and glued together with a hairpin leg base. This simple, modern DIY project presents a more affordable option than most store-bought tables of a similar quality and size—check out the video below, then keep scrolling for detailed directions.

Dwell Made Presents: DIY Walnut Dining Table - Photo 1 of 12 -

I ordered a one-inch thick slab that was about 11 feet long. I cut it in half to make two slabs, each about 5’ 6" long. Cutting a slab like this always makes me a bit nervous, so I took my time to plan out the table, and I put a brand new finish blade from Diablo in my circular saw so that my cuts would be nice and clean.

Step 2: Rip the Slabs

Dwell Made Presents: DIY Walnut Dining Table - Photo 2 of 12 -

I clamped down a straight edge and ripped the first slab in half. This slab will be used for the edges of the table. 

Dwell Made Presents: DIY Walnut Dining Table - Photo 3 of 12 -

I trimmed the long live edges off of the second slab so that I have a nice, clean piece to use for the middle of the table. I really wanted to minimize waste, so I left part of the sloped edge and decided to use that on the underside. This means I will have less surface for the glue up in that area, but the table will still be plenty strong.

Step 3: Biscuit Join the Slabs 

Dwell Made Presents: DIY Walnut Dining Table - Photo 4 of 12 -

I used my Ryobi biscuit jointer to cut slots in the walnut slabs, and then did a test fit with biscuits. The biscuits provide strength to the glue joint, but the real value is that they keep the slabs level under the pressure of the clamps. I used a pencil to draw matching marks so that my biscuit slots would align and used #20 biscuits.

Step 4: Glue the Table Top Together

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