Dwell 24: Hanna Anonen

Dwell 24: Hanna Anonen

By Dwell
Since graduating in 2013 with a master's from Aalto University in applied art and design, Hanna Anonen, 29, has worked with Arabia, Iittala, and Hakola, as well as with Helsinki Design Week.

Her pieces entice with their playful simplicity and curious medley of colors, such as her Cocktail light, which was inspired by the swirling ingredients of mixed drinks. She was nominated for Nordic designer of the Year by Formex, won gold among young creatives in Grafia's Best of the Year contest, and holds additional degrees in industrial design and in carpentry and cabinetmaking.

We asked the breakout designer about who inspires her, her most treasured possession, and what daily rituals get her in the zone. Read the answers below.

"I'm influenced by everyday life, observing and recording the accidental color combinations in my surroundings," says Anonen.

Hometown: Helsinki, Finland

Current location: Helsinki, Finland

Pala is a three-dimensional wall sculpture composed of interlocking modular pieces. The shape is reminiscent of traditional weaving ornamentation.

Something you always carry with you: I always have a tape measure in my purse.

Hanna Anonen's plastic, waterproof Ripsiraita mat is inspired by the stripes and patterns of rag rugs.

Daily ritual to get into a creative space: I'm listening to my favorite radio channel or my playlist. 

Your most treasured possession: I love my bicycle.

Anonen's colorful Cocktail light is composed of "playfully shuffling" colored sticks.

Describe your work in one word: Colorful.

Favorite or least favorite design trend: I love corduroy, but I'm not sure about bucket hats.  

You can follow Anonen on her website or on Instagram.

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