This Tiny Teardrop-Shaped Trailer Is Ready For Big Adventures

This Tiny Teardrop-Shaped Trailer Is Ready For Big Adventures

By Jennifer Baum Lagdameo
Like a master bedroom on wheels, DROPLET is a bright, cozy, and affordable trailer that can easily be parked in your garage.

With a bright and modern insulated shell that perfectly fits a queen-size mattress, DROPLET is a streamlined teardrop trailer that can fit in a garage and can be towed by most small cars. 

Designed in Vancouver, Canada, by Pascal Pillon, a mechanical engineer and an avid camper, who had been struggling with the logistics of storing camping gear in his small, downtown apartment. Together with his girlfriend, Diane Bissonnette (a designer and the main design consultant for the company), Pillon started to search for a solution to their camping needs that was also "mindful of the environment." 

After researching the ergonomics of entry/exit of the trailer, the team designed large doors to eliminate the need to duck into the trailer. In this camper, you only need to sit and swing your legs in. 

They loved the idea of teardrop trailers, but after looking at "all of the teardrop trailers on the market," and not finding a single model that spoke to their needs, they knew they would need to design their own. 

"The problem was that most of them were too heavy and too dark with small doors and no windows. We wanted something light that celebrates the outdoors," Pillon explains.

The DROPLET features tinted windows and the option to add magnetic window covers so that privacy is never an issue. 

Built with a bright, uncluttered sleeping quarters and large-scale windows that are a "tribute to nature," the DROPLET trailer allows users to connect to the outdoors. The exterior is made of an aluminum composite with a structural wood fiber-frame, and wood laminate has been used inside. 

The interiors of the trailer are nice and bright thanks to the large, half-dome front window, as well as additional glazing on the door and side, which allow maximum light to enter. A fully-equipped sheltered kitchen is located at the rear. 

The windows are a "tribute to nature."

"We don't want people to have to own an oversize vehicle for their daily commute just to tow a trailer. That's why we built DROPLET with high-tech, lightweight materials. The construction is borrowed from the yachting industry, where strength and weight are key."

The DROPLET has a kitchen at the rear which includes an acrylic, easy-to-clean countertop and backsplash; two LED lamps; a 12-volt slide-out fridge; a two-burner propane cooking stove; and drawers for storage. The sink is deep enough for dishes, and a closed-loop water system is hand-pump operated.

Ultimately, DROPLET hopes to make camping more accessible and affordable. More so, they plan to contribute 10 percent of their profits to buying land which they aim to turn into free campsites for DROPLET owners and renters. 

At only 950 pounds, the DROPLET can be towed by most small cars. Measuring at only 6.6 feet wide, 13.5 feet long, and 5.5 feet high, it can also easily be parked in a garage. 

"We truly believe we live better when connected to nature. To us, there is no better way to unwind than hooking up DROPLET and going places."

With DROPLET, you can simply hitch up your trailer and embark on a new adventure. 

The DROPLET starts at $14,450, however, if you would rather test out the trailer before buying, it can also be rented

DROPLET is now available in the US, Canada, and Australia. The team is currently looking for investors to increase their production capacity and expand their availability in the rest of the world. 


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