Ditch the Area Rug: This Easy, Modular Carpet System Has Serious Green Cred

Ditch the Area Rug: This Easy, Modular Carpet System Has Serious Green Cred

By Allie Weiss
Presented by FLOR
FLOR's modular carpet squares allow users to completely customize the flooring in their home. The easy-to-install tiles are also a sustainable choice—each panel, made with eco-friendly materials, can be cleaned or recycled individually, ensuring that no excess material ends up in the landfill.

"Unlike traditional broadloom and area rugs, we’re a modular system that allows you to create custom rugs, runners, and wall-to-wall designs to fit any size and shape," senior designer Cristina Englund says. "With broadloom rugs, you have to replace whole sections of a rug at a time, but with FLOR you can pick up one square and clean it in the sink."

FLOR tiles are made using recycled materials. "We’re part of a program called Net Effects, which buys discarded fishing nets from local fishermen in the Philippines," Englund says. "We create yarn from them. 85% of our products are made with this 100% recyclable nylon."

The manufacturing of FLOR tiles is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The process relies on renewable energy sources and technologies that help reduce emissions and waste. With its Return & Recycle program, old carpet squares can be returned to FLOR, where the face fiber and backing is separated, and the materials are used to make new rugs. FLOR products are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute's Green Label Plus program, meaning that they have very low emissions of VOCs.

Installation of FLOR carpets is made simple with non-toxic adhesive dots that stick to the bottom of the carpet squares. The pieces only stick to each other, not the floor, so it's easy to remove, rearrange, and transport the rug.

According to Englund, installing a custom FLOR rug or wall-to-wall installation can be done in an afternoon.

The tiles are designed to be impervious to moisture, and spills and stains won’t seep through the carpet. For more information on FLOR, head to the brand's website.


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