Casa Perfect Debuts Reinaldo Sanguino’s Vibrant Ceramics Inspired by ’90s Graffiti Culture

Casa Perfect Debuts Reinaldo Sanguino’s Vibrant Ceramics Inspired by ’90s Graffiti Culture

By Jennifer Baum Lagdameo
Throughout his 20-year career, Venezuelan-born artist Reinaldo Sanguino has been influenced by material culture, early-1990s street art, and the energy of New York City.

Now, his exclusive new collection is on view for the first time in Los Angeles at Casa Perfect, a gallery space that recently opened in the Hollywood Hills. Set in a 3,000-square-foot midcentury-modern home that was designed in 1957 by Korean-American architect David Hyun, Casa Perfect is the Los Angeles outpost of David Alhadeff's New York design mecca The Future Perfect

The bright and airy gallery space—featuring a contemporary fireplace, sliding glass doors, and a backyard pool—serves as the perfect setting for Sanguino's work. 

Alhadeff has long been a fan of Sanguino, and over the course of their working relationship, he's commissioned various customized works, including pieces for his own home. The gold, silver, and platinum glazes he requested for these pieces have since become a technique that's exclusive to The Future Perfect. 

Sanguino views his own work as abstract art that's designed to live in the center of a room.

This symbiotic relationship has resulted in some spectacular pieces as Alhadeff has encouraged Sanguino to think differently about shape, form, and function. "Since Reinaldo and I met each other in 2012, we have had an open dialogue about the directions his work might be able to take," says Alhadeff.

Sanguino's newest collection pushes closer towards functional sculptural pieces.

The current collection for Casa Perfect is the latest exploration of that discourse, and represents a significant departure from Sanguino’s prior typologies. The eclectic mix of works on view range from the stools that Sanguino is already known for—to chairs and tables in various shapes, and new sculptural forms. "Sanguino has pushed himself and his considerations of his work for this show. He has reconsidered his formal ideas and pushed his boundaries to what is an incredible new place." 

Each piece begins with a wheel-thrown or hand-built ceramic form. He then spontaneously paints the work with vibrant colors inspired by his mood, daily events, his surrounding environment, or even the piece itself. 

The eclectic mix of works on view range from stools and sculptural forms to chairs and tables in various shapes.

Casa Perfect is a private shopping experience. Appointments can be scheduled here or by calling 323-202-2025.


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