Denmark's Montana Takes a Modern Approach to Household Storage

When Peter J. Lassen first developed the Montana System, it was built on very complex mathematical and philosophical calculations with a very simple aim.

"Every Montana element should be able to be infinitely combined and... practical, goodlooking, durable, and independent of changes in fashion."

It has remained this way since 1982. Montana has built their business around the unique concept of putting the creativity and flexibility of organizing spaces into their customers’ hands. The Montana System is based around the mathematical proportion of 5.7 cm and offers a nearly infinite arrangement of sizes and colors to fit almost any storage or organizational need.

Keeping the building blocks of the system minimal and focused has allowed Montana to built a design system that can adapt to any room of the house.

This wall shelf is an efficient storage solution in a living room or large open space.

The Hall collection is a newer offering from Montana that helps tackle the tough job of organizing a frequently used—but often neglected—space.

Large colorful stacking modules make a great addition to liven up a children's play room.

This wall unit mounted in a dining room makes for a subtle way to store dishes and tableware.

This small wall unit is a way to create impromptu storage at arm's reach.

Montana is successful, not just in designing and shipping high-quality pieces, but in their ability to create inspiring ways to showcase their products and provide fodder for customers that want to reimagine any area of their home. Browse their website or use one of these inspiration boards as a starting place:




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