Data Dishware

By Sarah Rich
Via one of my favorite websites, a project that puts personal behavior data into beautifully-designed dishware: Israeli designer Iohanna Pani created mugs and plates that measure consumption using infographic illustration.
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The One Month dish set shows the results of the designer's blood tests, depicted as what she calls a "cake graph" (presumably the same as a "pie chart"), while the One Week mug uses a chiseled interior to demonstrate how much coffee she consumes in a 7-day period. This dishware would be appealing on its own without the added layer of information delivery, but the use of the medium as a means of communication makes it that much more interesting.

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Further clicking through Infosthetics yields a project by Nadeem Haidary, which draws a more direct connection between the object's functionality and the information behind it.

The In-Formed fork has tines of four different lengths, each representing the per capita calorie consumption of a single nation (US being the longest tine and Bangladesh being the shortest).

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The data visualization faucet puts water use in plain view of the user by filling a clear chamber with water is it flows from the tap. Plenty more from this collection, along with sketches demonstrating the concept and its development can be found here.

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