Creamy Banana Jam

Creamy Banana Jam

By Miyoko Ohtake
In Barcelona's Gracia neighborhood sits the 90-plus-year-old former residence of Art Nouveau architect Manuel Raspall, whose works graces the city in the forms of La Monumental bull ring and El Molino theater. Within the residence, Carlos Mayor and Antoine Leonetti have since created their own home, the Villa Mayor-Leonetti, where they enjoy making all sorts of jams and marmalades. Here, they share Antoine's recent invention: a recipe for Creamy Banana Jam.

Though the recipe for Creamy Banana Jam is a recent innovation, Antoine has been making jam since he was a boy collecting blackberries with his mother in Brittany, France, where they lived. The smell of jam to him is like Proust's madeleines, each jar a remembrance of things past, he says. 

A selection of Carlos Mayor and Antoine Leonetti's homemade jams, their recipe journal, and bowls by Caroline Chevalier.

Creamy Banana Jam

Makes 10-12 jars


100 ounces bananas

50 ounces sugar

3 pinches of salt

1 glass of water

Juice from 1 lemon


1. Peel and slice the bananas (quite thinly).

2. Place the slices in a large pot with the sugar, salt, water, and lemon juice, and cook for about 30 minutes over a brisk heat. Stir regularly to avoid burning.

3. Remove from heat and puree the mixture with a hand blender.

4. Return to heat, and allow to cook for another 45 minutes over a gentle heat, stirring constantly. (Yes, constantly! That’s the secret! If you keep stirring, it won’t burn, but it will caramelize slightly and take on an amazing color and texture.)

5. Pour the mixture into jars (each previously cleaned with very hot water) and fill right up to the brim, leaving as little room for air as possible when you put on the caps, which you do now.

6. Stand the jars upside down on a dishcloth to cool for a few hours.

See Carlos and Antoine's Barcelona kitchen in our special 100 Kitchens We Love issue, on newsstands April 5, 2011.

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