A New Sustainable Subscription Program Is Helping Us Rethink the Way We Shop for Linens

A New Sustainable Subscription Program Is Helping Us Rethink the Way We Shop for Linens

San Francisco-based Coyuchi—pioneers in coastal-inspired organic cotton textiles for the home—is introducing a new subscription model that will make us re-think the way we shop for and use our bedding and towels.

Every year, more than 10 million tons of textile waste ends up in America’s landfills, but Coyuchi is out to change that. Cleverly applying the popular subscription business model—which has never before been used for house linens—‘Coyuchi for Life’ will provide subscribers with new, fresh GOTS-certified organic sheets, duvet, and towels at regular intervals of their choice, while taking back their old ones and keeping them out of landfills. Think "Netflix" for linens—if you will. 

"We came up with the idea when looking at how to take responsibility for the product when the customer is done with it. We wanted to take a 'take-back' program one step further—with the ability to create an afterlife for our products," explains CEO and president Eileen Mockus. 

Working in partnership with The Renewal Workshop, the returned linens will either be renewed or given a second life as an upcycled product. 

Tersus Solutions' laundry machine produces an extremely high level of cleanliness for recycled products, while being environmentally-friendly. 

The textile industry is the second largest water-polluting industry in the world. The TERSUS Solution is a water-free and dryer-free cleaning technology that uses liquid carbon dioxide to clean textiles and garments through cleaner supply chains.

"Renewed" in this context means that the returned linens in exceptional condition will be specially cleaned in a Tersus solutions C02, water-free washing machine and resold as second-hand product at Coyuchi's Point Reyes Station shop.

Some product will be upcycled at Renewal Workshop and given a second life. 

If the sheets are returned in a not-salvageable condition, the high-end organic materials will be recycled, organized by type and color, and processed into thread. Coyuchi also plans to donate towels in compromised conditions to the SPCA animal rescue shelters. Nothing will go to a landfill. 

Some of the returned "Coyuchi for Life" sheets will be recycled into thread. "Many mills are already working with recycled cotton yarn. We make a product that's great for recycling, and it's 100-percent organic cotton," explains Mockus.

"We all love the luxury of fresh, new sheets and towels, but we also care deeply about the world we live in," says Mockus. "With this new subscription offering, we can finally achieve a circular economy with linens, which has been the missing link in bringing more sustainability to the subscription economy and to home textiles for consumers." 

Because really—who wouldn’t want a guilt-free way to upgrade their organic 300-percale sheets and enjoy fresh new organic cotton towels? 

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