Cork Wine Stopper, Pourer

The company's new Wine & Bar series was designed by Aurélien Barbry and feature a set of three wine stoppers and a stopper-pourer combination.

One of the three stoppers in the set of three is shaped like the elegant silhouette of a wine glass, while the other two are vaguely reminiscent of a lightbulb and mushroom.

My favorite of the line is the stopper-pourer combination. When in one piece, it looks like a fourth addition to Barbry's wine stopper set. When you're ready for wine, however, the top half comes off, revealing the steel pourer. You don't have to remove the cork from the bottle neck and the pourer is set inside the cork, both of which greatly reduce the risk of spilling drops down the sides of the bottle.

The set of three stoppers and set of two stopper-pourers each ring in at $29--making them the perfect host gift this fall.

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