coolcapitals Competition Winners

coolcapitals Competition Winners

By Fida Sleiman
We welcomed coolcapitals and Wacom back to Dwell on Design this year for another exciting graphic design competition. Over the course of the weekend, we named three winners and awarded each one a Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet.

Contestants were challenged to create a cover design for the iPhone and Blackberry that visually and graphically represents all five cool capitals—Amsterdam, Antwerp, Valencia, Vienna, and Zurich. Each entrant only had thirty minutes to come up with a concept and create a design.

Dwell judges alongside Friday's winner Ayanthi Fernand (holding the Wacom Intuos4 tablet) and other contestants.

Saturday's winner, Nate Dy, poses with Dwell judges Kathryn Hansen, Dakota Keck, and Kyle Blue.

Dwell's design staff served as the judges throughout the weekend. A finalist from each round advanced for a daily grand prize of a Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet. The winner of Friday's competition was Ayanthi Fernand, Saturday's winner was Nate Dy, and Sunday's winner was Diane Lee.

Sunday's winner Diane Lee.

The contest continues on until August 9, 2010. The lucky online winner will receive two round-trip tickets to a coolcapital city of their choice, as well as 20 of their winning phone covers to share with friends!

Ayanthi Fernand, winner of Friday night's competition.

Congratulations to Ayanthi, Nate, and Diane! 


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