Cool, Asian Courtyard Home With A Brutalist Core

Modeled after the traditional courtyard family residences of Thailand, Baan Yo Yen is a Brutalist-inspired house designed with good circulation and family interaction in mind.

Home to a Thai couple who were looking to start a family, Baan Yo Yen house is a simple yet elegant 4,844 square foot residence in Nonthaburi, Central Thailand with a floor plan that takes full advantage of the local tropical climes.

Inspired by the communal terrace courtyards of traditional multi-generational Thai homes, Thai architectural practice TA-CHA Design positioned a courtyard with a large tree in the center of the house to encourage good circulation and increase interaction between household members. 

A seven-meter high steel entrance door assists in increasing ventilation and the amount of natural light entering the house during the day. 

Folding glass doors were fitted into the front of the house. These doors open to narrow strip of garden. On the ground level, the living and dining areas open out to the central courtyard, and on the upper level, the windows of the four bedrooms also look out to this courtyard, so the canopy of the tree can be seen from all four rooms. 

Not wanting to rely too much on electrical lighting or air-conditioning, TA-CHA Design created a skylight in the middle of the house and positioned a staircase at the back of the south-facing rear elevation. This staircase acts as a barrier against solar heat gain from the south. 

Built mainly with steel, timber and reinforced concrete, Baan Yo Yen house has looks hard and raw the outside, but within, plenty of wood and warm and neutral colors creates a cozy and welcoming interior.   


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