Cookin' with IKEA
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Cookin' with IKEA

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By David A. Greene
Most appliance-buyers in the U.S. are prisoners of big-box and old-school retailers like Sears, Home Depot, and Best Buy, but over the past few years, Swedish furniture superstore Ikea has been slowly (and quietly) introducing a full line of appliances to go with their well-priced, design-it-yourself kitchens.

Newest are their Darth Vader-ish Datid line, which along with the equally evocatively-named Praktfull includes Ikea's highest-end (and most expensive) kitchen machinery to date, from pro gas ranges to ceramic cooktops and dishwashers. Many Ikea appliances are re-branded Whirlpool products, but with European-inspired design—and Ikea's generous warranty/return policy. There's also a focus on smaller sizes and capacities, perfect for urban dwellers, down-scalers, and builders of modest abodes.

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