Clean Lines and Recycled Materials Compose this Modern Los Angeles Home

Clean Lines and Recycled Materials Compose this Modern Los Angeles Home

By Emma Janzen
A sustainable building leader in Los Angeles combines mindful design with eco-friendly practices.

Less is more at a California residence designed and crafted by sustainable building leader Prime Five Homes, a Los Angeles-based real estate development company that specializes in arrestingly modern, eco-friendly homes. "We believe that our homes are those of the future, mindful of their carbon footprint and the environment around them," CEO Mayer Dahan says. "Instead of trying to fit in, we aim to lead the way in the next evolution of architecture and interior design."

A combination of custom hardwood, white oak, imported Italian stone and glass compose the compellingly geometric façade.

Solar panels, water capture systems, energy savings devices and recycled materials are incorporated into the residence in a way that reduces the environmental footprint of the building, while appearing largely invisible to passersby. Inside, large, open spaces filled with simple geometries and soft neutral colors "boost the morale, health and well-being of its occupants." The collision of thoughtful, sustainable elements with stunning design decisions can be summed up in two words: California zen. 

Inside, Prime Five Homes aimed to design a “clean, peaceful, uncluttered atmosphere that can allow creative minds to run wild,” Dahan says. Soft white oak was used for the flooring, and recessed ceiling lights delicately illuminate interior spaces. The floating staircase keeps the room open and airy.

Large windows throughout the house eliminate the need for elaborate lighting schemes, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors open completely, creating easy visual and physical accessibility to the backyard. The wide glass portals also highlight the garden and backyard landscaping, creating a peaceful “backdrop to the homeowner’s everyday living,” Dahan says.

The contemporary kitchen features custom white finishes and richly textured untreated timber accents. The cabinet and pantry doors rest flush with the wall to emphasize the tall ceilings and help reduce visual clutter.

LA-based real estate development company Prime Five Homes sought to create a home that was clean, peaceful, and uncluttered, particularly through material choices and large, open spaces. The central atrium—a recurring element used to expand indoor/outdoor space in Prime Five Homes projects—helps lengthen the living room vertically and creates a light well that fills both the upstairs and downstairs areas with bright daylight.

The master bedroom suite, located on the second floor, opens to a private balcony patio—another signature design feature of the Prime Five Homes group. Inside, the color palette echoes that of the rest of the home, with white oak flooring and neutral-colored walls.

One of the most stunning features of the home is the outdoor space, defined by an ironwood ipe deck that connects seamlessly to the custom infinity pool and surrounding landscaping. Dahan says the design “elongates the backyard and speaks to the recurrence of clean, crisp lines throughout the home.”


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