City Vs. Suburbs: Weighing the Conveniences and Worries of Living in Either

City Vs. Suburbs: Weighing the Conveniences and Worries of Living in Either

By Ankita Aggrawal / Published by Ankita Aggrawal

To everything, there’s an upside and a down. That bit may come handy in your hunt for properties in any part of the country. Indecision in property buying springs from the common dilemma between city and suburb. It is one of the most vital questions, yet one of the greatest deterrents in decision making. As stated before, both city and suburban lives have their own set of merits and stresses. Though that is mostly circumstantial, there are some constants that you must heed to when making the choice between a city apartment and a suburban home. Weighing and contrasting the merits of the two may help you get a better perspective of your situation and the suitability of one against another.

 Life in a City 

There is no better way of knowing which one is for you than visualising your life in both the places. Starting with the city, the first thing about living in a city is that everything lies close by. No matter in which street in the city is your home, there will always be a gym in the neighbourhood, a fairly rated restaurant around the block, a hobby centre close by, a marketplace within a short drive, a school inside a few kilometres, a hospital a little farther away and a medicine shop just outside the neighbourhood. You may make a decision in favour of a suburban home, but you can’t undermine the importance of having all these essentials within a convenient distance, even if you wanted to. The next thing that comes up is the question of commute. Traffic in the city may be slower than a sloth, but there are always roads and streets connecting everywhere to everywhere. Public transportation is available in abundance, which means you can ditch your car and take a bus or a train to work if you want to.
Now the advantages of living in close proximity with everything is that you can save more on time in which you can do something productive. You can save more money on fuel and insurance because you don’t have to drive long distances to get to work, school or anywhere on an everyday basis.
However, living in a city can be stressful too, on a flip side. For one, it is noisy 24/7, for another, life is busy and you will hardly find yourself idle. There will always be friends living nearby and so you cannot manage staying indoor most weekends. It will constantly keep you on the go, whether you are at work or on a holiday.

 Life in a Suburb

 Comparatively, life in a suburb is slow, easy and relaxing. First thing, the bucolic setting of suburbs is draining to the stress clamouring in the mind. Secondly, there is no suffocating crowd to jostle through or skyscrapers to guard the view of the distance or long shadows on the sidewalks. Suburbs are a lot more open and natural which is precisely why some people put up with the inconveniences to live there. Though there is a fairly high chance that everything you need for your everyday life is half an hour’s drive away, at least, what’s worth the peace mind?
However, if you are a nature lover and a quiet and private person, a suburban life is your thing. However, do bear in mind the long drive to and fro every day, and if that doesn’t bode well for your fuel budget or your car’s condition, then settle for staying inside the city. For elderly people, suburbs make a favourable residential destination, but it also comes with the woes and challenges of staying away from friends and family.

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