Choose Travertine Pavers for a Stylish Sidewalk

Choose Travertine Pavers for a Stylish Sidewalk

Travertine Pavers for a Stylish Sidewalk
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Sidewalk area is generally footpath that is made for people to walk, but if they appear unattractive and you are not sure how to improve their appeal then to make them stylish you must consider Travertine stones. Travertine Stone is a stone, which belongs to the limestone family. Typically, it's a marble that is used for giving the final change and it's used frequently. 

Travertine pavers are abundantly found in different parts of Asia, Europe, and Turkey. They are eco-friendly in nature and create a bold and stylish walkway or driveway. In fact, the French pattern allows you to get some extra grip on the travertine marble preventing slips and fall. 

Travertine Pavers

Why people use travertine pavers? 

These travertine pavers are one of the long-lasting materials that can be used for a pool, driveway, sideway, walkway. The surface of 5 absorbs water, leaving the surface of the deck dry and preventing slippage. These are even cool to the touch and thus work best all-year-round. The time till which they last, are incomparable to other man-made materials. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can choose the pavers to decorate the area around your garden, or even the sidewalk area. 

 How to install travertine paver for sidewalk? 

You can hire a professional who can make good sidewalk, and tell him your requirements or you can do it by yourself. A sidewalk is generally well shaped in the figure and can be customized to a very good extent. You can add your travertine paver marble to the sidewalk, but you need to see the soil and mud level before you travertine marble. You can also install them on concrete.

 Advantages of Travertine Pavers 

 • Replaceable: Even if one block gets damaged, you can replace that block without changing entire sidewalk. For instance, if one part of the paver is cracked due to severe storm then you can just remove and replace that part with another one without having to work on the entire pavement. 

 • Easy to Shape: They can be cut in any piece and can be used a filling. This allows you to create different patterns, textures or styles according to your preferences. 

 • Eco-Friendly: As these pavers belong to the category of stones, , they do not emit any form of volatile compounds and this something that makes it an eco-friendly option when compared to others. 

 • Design: The number of designs that can be crafted using these stones is endless. This is the reason why suppliers come up with innovative and beautiful designs & patterns from time-to-time giving you the opportunity to choose the one that matches to the elegance of your home. 

 • Multiple usages: Be it walkways, pools, driveways, decks or any other areas, travertine pavers can be installed at any space and thus is a versatile option to have.  

Travertine Paver

Other Qualities of Travertine Pavers 

 1) Porous in nature: Travertine paver is porous, It absorbs quickly. Acidic spills like lemon juice, orange juice can damage it. 

 2) Weight Proportion: Travertine paver is extremely heavy which makes its installation a bit tough, when compared to other marbles. 

3) Slippery when wet: Travertine paver absorbs water; that's for sure, but it is slippery when contact with water. 

4) Maintenance: Travertine paver is an expensive marble and should be cleaned on a regular basis. It should be mopped, dusted to keep dirt free.

 Without a doubt, travertine pavers are better when compared to other materials, but they are expensive and must be maintained properly. In this connection, you can call in the professionals for the installation of these pavers. The cost of these pavers can vary and you can take an estimate from the online paver suppliers also.  


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