Cerno at Ford & Ching

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By Sarah Rich
Our friends at Ford & Ching recently announced a new addition to the curated family of designers they showcase in their Los Angeles headquarters. Cerno Group, founded in 2008, consists of a young trio of friends from Laguna Beach who combine their skills in architecture, engineering and business to produce a portfolio of work from furniture up to environmental design.

The Cerno collection that can be found at Ford & Ching is as series of CNC-machined chairs and tables made from Baltic birch, much of it finished with a clear lacquer to allow the raw striations of the plywood to stand out.

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The company name, Cerno, means "resolve" in Latin. Their tagline—"art resolved with science"—encapsulates their goal of using high-tech approaches to create natural, one-of-a-kind pieces. The entrepreneurial team also applies their scientific knowledge to lighting design (their portfolio includes proposed lighting design installations for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics).

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If you're in LA or visiting soon, swing by the Kim Sing Theatre to check out Cerno and the other design work at the Ford & Ching Showroom.