Celebrate American Design With 15 Products That Are Made in the USA

Celebrate American Design With 15 Products That Are Made in the USA

By Dwell
One of the best ways to ring in Independence Day is to celebrate makers, artisans, and designers who are producing well-made goods here in the USA.

From modern furniture and lighting to handmade accessories and tools, we’ve gathered 15 American-made products that will remind you how much design talent we're surrounded by in this country. 

Cover photo by Joe Pugliese

Stuff Yoyo Pendant Light
The Andrew Neyer Yoyo Pendant looks to playful hobbies for its inspiration, featuring a literal interpretation of the yoyo for its structure. The two inverted shades are made from spun aluminum, and hold a single light source at the center.
East Fork Mug
This is the mug that you'll want to use every single day. Trust us. Live with others? Get a few. They'll want to use it, too.
Bend Goods Lucy Side Chair
Everybody loves Lucy. As Bend Goods' best-selling design, the Lucy Side Chair proves it. The surprisingly comfortable and playful design is made by bending and welding galvanized iron wire. An array of powder coated and metal plated finishes adds even greater flash and vivacity to the finished form.
Rescued Wood Feast Board
This one-of-a-kind serving board isn’t just the perfect surface for your antipasti presentation—as soon as you carry it to the table (using the cutout handles) it becomes a talking piece. The boards are handcrafted from rescued wood from fallen trees or trees that must be removed.

Pigeon Toe Blue Porcelain Wind Chimes
Blowin' in the wind.  All we need in this world to cue sheer happiness is a cool breeze sweeping over the patio, a glass of lemonade, and the gentle clinking of wind chimes.
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