This Bubblegum-Pink Home Is a Plush Playground for Three Lucky Cats

A furry swing and a playful pink palette combine in a whimsical feline-friendly home by the sea.
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With careers in graphic design and fashion, the Yehs have cultivated a passion for bold and unusual design. So, when Ms. Yeh decided she wanted a seaside holiday home in Taiwan’s Miaoli County, the couple enlisted the help of Taipei-based KC design—the same firm that crafted the Yehs’ compact studio apartment in New Taipei City a few years prior.

In contrast to the eclectic design of Residence Yeh, the design firm opted for a completely different and more cohesive design approach for the new three-story retreat. At three times the size of the couple’s city apartment, the 1,550-square-foot holiday home centers on two main themes—a dominant pink palette to reflect Ms. Yeh’s favorite color, and a feline-friendly interior for her three cats.

The couple are avid toy and art collectors. Most of large paintings and sculptures seen around the house are designed by Taiwanese artist No2Good 不二良 .

"The whole house uses pink as the main design axis," says KC Design Studio. "To build a pure pink space, we used pink mineral paint as the base of the walls and ceiling and selected different materials in natural colors to compose a mixed style."

"For the ceiling dome above the cooking area, the exaggerated style and pattern add whimsy to the space and conceal the required equipment and piping," explains the firm.

A peek at the powder room off to the side of the kitchen.

Designed with entertaining in mind, the ground floor of Cats’ Pink House features an open-plan dining area, living room, and kitchen with a powder room tucked away to the side. Accented with shades of pink, the light-filled room is primarily enclosed in warm timber surfaces balanced with a mix of textures, materials, and shapes.

The dining area features a mix of textures and colors.

Hickory flooring is used throughout the house.

Pink takes center stage in the floor above, which houses the master bedroom, master bath, and a dual-function work and play space that the designers have dubbed the "cats’ room" after its feline-friendly features—including cat stairs and furry cat beds.

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The wooden floor and pink Pandomo surfaces were selected for their scratch-proof qualities, and to give the "cats' room" a sense of warmth. The wall coating absorbs smells and helps regulate humidity levels.

"We also converted cat-scale extensions into furniture that people can use, such as desks, lockers, and chairs, so that owners can enjoy their activities and pet interactions in this space," notes the firm.

Ms. Yeh’s desk features integrated stairs for the cats to climb.

The height of the window informed the design of the staircase, which was custom-made to give the cats views of the outdoors.

A view from the master bedroom toward the stairs (behind the sliding door). On the right side is the dressing room, and to the left is the cats’ room, framed by large smart glass panels that change opacity with the touch of a button.

Terrazzo surfaces flecked with pink and a stainless steel mobile/staircase provide cool sleeping areas for the cats in the summertime.

Mutina ceramic tiles line the bathroom.

On the top floor, a multipurpose room opens up to an outdoor terrace with views of wind turbines in an adjacent field. "Aside from the pink and geometric elements, we adopted quiet and simple design techniques. We preserved the original texture of materials such as iron, cement, and wood to transition between the outdoor and indoor spaces," say the designers.

Surrounded by gray Pandomo walls and black (instead of rose gold) steel shelves, the multipurpose room has a more masculine feel compared to the rest of the home. Sliding doors open up to an outdoor terrace.

Separated from the multipurpose space by a slight level change, a small bathroom is lined with pink tiles to visually connect the floor with the rest of the home.

The leftover outdoor space was converted into a mini basketball court for Mr. Yeh. "We used geometric patterns and saturated color blocks to divide the basic court zones and reference the interior design."

"The challenge was trying to figure out a balance between overdecorating and keeping the owners’ preferences," adds the firm. "A lot of geometric elements and pink shades were used to form the space, and other materials and details were added to try to achieve that balance between purity and style."

Cats’ Pink House ground-floor plan

Cats’ Pink House first-floor plan

Cats’ Pink House second-floor plan


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