Cardboard Chic

By David A. Greene / Published by Dwell
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As news of the Greatest Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression sinks in, it's a good time to be reminded that things could be worse.

From the Netherlands, of all places, comes bedding that gives you the experience of sleeping under corrugated cardboard, while still providing the high thread count you can't live without.

Snatching political correctness from the jaws of awesomely bad taste, Le Clochard donates 40%  of the proceeds from their poverty-chic linens to SZN, a foundation for homeless Dutch youth. Made from 144-thread-per-inch Pakistani cotton, these no-iron quilt cover and pillowcases are perfect for a king-sized mattress or your favorite park bench. (Newspaper raincoats can't be far behind) 


David A. Greene


Dave has contributed to Dwell since its inception. He's a CalArts dropout, a former art critic for The New Yorker, and a producer of comedies on TV. He lives in, and writes from, Los Angeles.

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