A Brand-New French Caravan Company Just Released Two Dreamy Campers

The pint-sized Carapate and Carriole trailers bring big design to small-space living.

French camper company Carapate recently unveiled its first two trailers—their namesake Carapate (get away) and its "light" companion, the Carriole (sleigh wagon).

At 65 square feet, the trailers are cozy—yet they can comfortably sleep two adults and a child. Designers Fabien Denis and Jean-Marie Reymond made the most of the small space with exterior and interior drawers, storage compartments, folding shelves, cupboards, a removable mattress, and a skylight. 

Manufactured in France, Carapate’s trailers are now available across Europe.

The trailers are lightweight and can easily be towed by most cars.

The interior is well thought out and highly functional. For instance, the kitchen is located in an oversized sliding drawer, and it can be used outside and inside. "It was meticulous and methodical work," says Reymond. "We sought to optimize each square centimeter, and to imagine a space to live, sleep, cook."

The 65-square-foot trailer can sleep two adults and one child.

The interior provides plenty of storage space with cubbies, shelves, bags, and nets for tucking away items.

The Carapate starts around $16,500—or for $12,500 you can opt for the "light" Carriole model, which is the same size with less of the trappings. "The interior and exterior fittings are minimal, and the budget is reduced—we wanted to offer several options to choose from," Reymond says.

Portholes and a skylight welcome in plenty of natural light.

Wood design elements give the interior a nautical feel.

With its curved frame and wood details, the trailer has a nostalgic and yacht-like feel. The exterior is made of wooden parts that have been varnished like a boat, and the exterior shell is covered with a weather-resistant film.

"Woodworking was a central element in the trailer’s design—for its characteristics, its aesthetics, and its environmental sustainability," says Reymond. "Our design is inspired by various elements: tiny houses, watercraft, and caravans."

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A slide-out drawer allows travelers to use the kitchen inside and outside of the trailer.

A wooden leaf opens up for additional counter space.

You can upgrade your model with various add-ons—or as Carapate calls them, "backpacks." For power, you can choose a plug-in system, or a battery system so that you can go off-grid for a few days.

Sleeping options include blackout curtains and a child’s mattress. Additional storage is available too, with compartments like bags and nets to tuck things away and keep the small space tidy. Kitchen options include a foldable sink, 12-liter water storage, a camping stove, cooking and dinnerware, and a 40-liter cooler. 

A side panel door can be propped up for alfresco living. 

Carapate is currently focusing on distributing throughout Europe. The manufacturer delivers to Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, and they are working towards exporting to other continents soon.

Learn more about Carapate at carapate-adventure.fr.

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