Dwell Moves Into Canopy, the Chic Co-Working Space by Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi

Dwell Moves Into Canopy, the Chic Co-Working Space by Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi

By Jen Woo
Canopy Jackson Square is the second San Francisco outpost of a venture by designers Yves Behar and Amir Mortazavi, and co-founder Steve Mohebi.

It’s been a long-held belief at Dwell that good design has the power to inspire creativity and productivity—and nowhere is this more apparent than in the office. So, when our digital team in San Francisco decided to leave behind our too-big office and scout for somewhere more suitable, we sprung at the chance to find a workplace that would facilitate our collaborative spirit, and were lucky to land at Canopy in Jackson Square.

Textured black surfaces and exposed concrete pay homage to San Francisco's iconic Transamerica Pyramid, while Raw Edges for Mutina tiles break up the harsh lines with a muted color pop.

The first Canopy co-working space opened up in Pacific Heights in 2016, and both workplaces resulted from a collaboration between designer Yves Behar of Fuseproject and Amir Mortazavi of M-PROJECTS. Again, Behar and Mortazavi have managed to create a serene oasis that elevates the co-working experience.

Solid ash communal tables and inky Eames chairs make up the communal area. 

In hues of onyx, emerald, and blush with copper and marble accents, Canopy’s palette was curated to reflect the buildings outside of the office’s windows—the brutalist Transamerica Pyramid, the Coppola Sentinel, and City Lights bookstore. Inspired by the artists and radicals of the 1950s who shaped the culture of the neighborhood, and the rich history from the Gold Rush to the Beat Generation, the 13,000-square-foot space was designed for the modern creative. 

Custom-designed conference tables made of blackened ash and Verde Alpi green-and-black marble offer a dramatic space to brainstorm and collaborate. 

"Canopy Jackson Square’s distinctive design, a mix of geometric and organic elements, pays tribute to the historic facades and vernacular of legendary neighborhood landmarks while bringing the natural world into our space in as many ways as possible," says Yves Behar. 

A literal canopy wraps around the the lounge serving as a shelf and barrier between the conference and work areas. 

With glass-enclosed private offices on one side and a cafe by Jane and open workspaces on the other, Canopy is defined by strong sightlines. An organic lounge in the center allows for casual conversations and comfy work meetings. An architectural canopy encompasses three columns in a freestanding, tree-like structure that doubles as book and magazine shelving as well as a visual barrier to the conference and work areas. Three workspace options are comprised of shared tables, personal desks with lockable storage and private bookshelves, and 23 private offices for up to 16 people. 

A blush-toned cafe by Jane stays at the ready for a caffeine fix or sweet treat. 

And of course, there’s an impressive list of designers to note with Herman Miller pieces, Yves Behar-designed Sayl Chairs, Public Office Landscape System Tables, Charles and Ray Eames Chairs, Chadwick Modular Seating, and Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables by Brian Alexander. They’ve even incorporated the LiveOS system by Herman Miller, which can sense users to automatically raise and lower desks to the perfect height. 

Desk scene from the Dwell office. 

And then there are the amenities. Canopy provides a soothing, sound-proof mother’s room, a 14-person board room plus three additional conference rooms, private phone booths, a Nexkey security system for each private office, 24-hour access, and a store with curated desktop accessories and tech essentials. A beautiful, fully stocked kitchen includes ceramics by Year & Day, and local favorites including Blue Bottle Coffee, Pique Tea, and Sodastream sparkling tap water.

Pink quartzite finishes and blackened plywood bulkheads make up the kitchen area, along with ceramics from Year & Day.

Though only recently moved in, we’ve already gravitated to our favorite spots to cozy up in with our laptops, be it in a light-immersed nook, enjoying the fresh air on the terrace, or nestled on a fuzzy sofa in the boardroom facing the Francis Coppola Sentinel Building. Here’s where you’ll find a few of our staff:

The entrance to Dwell's private office space. 

The glass walls make our workspace feel light, airy, and surprisingly spacious. Canopy breathes good design, which makes it feel cozy and friendly. 

—Ashley Pfahler, creative director 

It's all about the angles in Dwell's private office. 

I love the careful curation and thought put into so many aspects of the space (color scheme, Year & Day dishware, the plant that hovers over my shoulder). And the terrace because it's perfect for quick check-ins, meetings, and trying to pretend it's still summer!

—Sam Daly, editorial assistant 

Jenny Xie, executive web editor, works in a phone booth overlooking the terrace.  

I love the balcony at Canopy because it allows me to work while also getting some fresh air and sunshine! The fact that I can see my favorite cafe, Reveille Coffee, is an added bonus.

—Maris Berkowitz, marketing and sales assistant


The 1,500-square-foot terrace serves as a casual lounge space, cafe-style seating, marble tables, and ergonomic, heated seating by Galanter & Jones. The awning, made of recycled sails in collaboration with Mafia Bags founder Marcos Mafia, protects from the elements.

There are so many details I love about the space—the fuzzy green benches in the board room with views of the copper-green Sentinel Building, the bowls of fresh fruit scattered across the tables, and the glass phone booths with rooftop views, to name a few. 

—Jenny Xie, executive web editor

A comfy nook in the board room facing the Francis Coppola Sentinel building. 

Project Credits:

Designers: Yves Behar (@yvesbehar), Amir Mortazavi (@amirmortazavi_

Photographer: Sothear Nuon (@shotbysalt)


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