Brook Farm General Store

Brook Farm General Store

By Miyoko Ohtake
If you've been longing for the timeless kitchen and home goods stocked on the shelves of Labour and Wait in East London but aren't in the UK (and thus can't have them shipped to you), Brook Farm General Store is for you. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the shop opened in June 2009 as a "modern, one-stop general store for our neighborhood," owners Philippa Content and Christopher Winterbourne say.

Like Labour and Wait, Brook Farm General Store carries classic items for the home, like stoneware pitchers, wooden bottle brushes, and porcelain soap dishes. "We carry a wide and ever-changing range of new and vintage items from home accessories to jewelry to camping gear, but we tend to lean toward clean, simple classics that are well-crated and will last for many years," they say. Unlike their British counterpart, however, Brook Farm General Store ships anywhere in the world.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp designed by George Carwardine for Anglepoise. "Anglepoise lamps are still made in England by the family who began producing them in the 1940s. We love the floating feeling these lights have when you adjust them. We especially love our giant version, which stands at 9-feet tall." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

We asked Content and Winterbourne to select their favorite items in the store, and you can view their top picks in our slideshow.

Vintage Cast Iron Pans. "Cast iron pans are perfect for cooking just about anything. These pans are all made in America and when properly taken care of, will last a lifetime." Available at Brook Farm General Store, in store only.

Waxed Canvas Hip Pouch designed and manufactured by Death and Texas. "One of our favorite local brands. Grace Teng makes all of her products by hand right here in Williamsburg." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

Linen Napkins designed by Yumiko Sekine for Fog Linen. "We love the simple design of these Fog Linen napkins." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

Kitchen Knife Set by Opinel. "Opinel is a French company that has been making knives since 1895. This kitchen set includes knives for paring, coring, slicing and peeling." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

Linen Day Blanket by Brahms Mount. "These linen day blankets are made in Maine on restored industrial looms. The inherent wicking properties of linen keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. These blankets will last a lifetime and get softer and better the more you use them." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

Lunch Box by Sigg. "These classic Swiss lunch boxes are super light, leakproof and stackable. We use them for leftovers we know we will want to bring for lunch the next day." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

Sugar Spoon. "These graceful olivewood sugar spoons are hand carved in Kenya as part of a free trade program." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

The Adventures of Tintin created by Hergé. "These were some of our favorite books when we were kids, and we still enjoy reading about Tintin's adventures." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

Organic Hand Soap by Tourne. "Tourne is our own line of handmade products. This liquid soap is made using pure essential thyme oil. It smells delicious and keeps your hands soft and moisturized." Available at Brook Farm General Store.

Clock Radio by Vers Audio. "These clock radios are handmade using renewable woods. The sound quality is excellent, and you can also play music from your ipod or iphone." Available at Brook Farm General Store.


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