Bright, Local, and Sustainable: Wood Furniture by Staach

Bright, Local, and Sustainable: Wood Furniture by Staach

By Marianne Colahan
Rochester, New York–based Staach is a furniture design company that is committed to eco-conscious design, from the sustainably forested woods used in production, to the thoughtful handcrafting of each piece. For the Staach team, sustainability is a way of life, and it’s something that the company focuses on in each of their designs. The fine wood furnishings from Staach can be defined by their clean lines, simple silhouettes, and lasting feel.

For its Cain Collection, Staach was inspired to create a line of furniture that is enduring, colorful, and affordable. Designed by Seth Eshelman in 2006, the Cain line includes chairs, benches, and stools, all available in different woods and finishes. The wood used for the Cain Collection comes directly from American mills, and is then fabricated by hand with a limited use of tools. The choice to reduce tools is a purposeful one—this helps achieve a higher level of sustainability by limiting the manufacturing carbon footprint.

The Cain Collection Bench 1, available in maple at the Dwell Store.

Each item in the Cain Collection features a simple design that lends itself to a variety of interior spaces. The Cain Benches can be used in entryways, hallways, or even as seating options in a dining room. Similarly, the Cain Chairs can be used at a dining table or as occasional seating in a living room or den. Staach creates several different seat types, including solid, slatted, and hand-woven cane seats. Available in natural finishes or bold colors, the Cain Collection can stand out or blend in, depending on your design aesthetic.

A colorful assortment of items from Staach's Cain Collection. The chair is available in maple and oak at the Dwell Store.

The carefully constructed furnishings in Staach’s fleet of products are built to last, lending them an heirloom quality. With its accessible price point, the Cain Collection makes it easy to create a robust furniture collection and redefine an interior space. The thoughtful craftsmanship alongside the bold hues of the furnishings makes the Cain Collection an unexpected modern classic that seamlessly blends sustainable ideals, simplicity, and personality.

The Bench 2 in a clear finish, exposing the natural maple. Available at the Dwell Store.

Be sure to visit the Dwell Store to see more of Staach’s colorful collection.

The Oak Chair in Staach's Cain Collection, available at the Dwell Store.


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