Top 5 Homes of the Week With Beauteous Breakfast Nooks

It’s every brunch lover’s dream. Take inspiration from these cozy breakfast nooks from the Dwell community that caught our editor’s eye this week.

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1. Ellsworth Residence

Architect: PLANT Architect, Inc., Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From the architect: "Our clients on this renovation and addition are well-travelled collectors of books and eclectic objects—everything from Barbie paraphernalia to bug sculptures to vintage camera equipment. Previously, many of these beloved objects were wedged in amongst shoes and coats in the mudroom, where they could not really be appreciated. [We] expanded the kitchen of their Edwardian home and added a new mudroom, sitting room, and second-story office. Integrating the collections into these spaces was a crucial part of the project. In the kitchen we consolidated some of the collections into clean-lined, glass-fronted cabinets that keep them dust-free and safely away from vaporized oils from stovetop cooking. We also increased access to natural light in the kitchen and greatly expanded the quantity of displayed storage by inserting bookshelves into ‘remnant’ spaces and at clerestory height." 

2. Bound Together

Interior designer: Big Sky Design, Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

From the interior designer: "By blending in color, form, and function throughout the spaces and taking into consideration how each element works together holistically, we created a space that is inviting, exciting, and a reflection of our client’s own style and culture—a space where they can live, work, and play. Family is an important thread in everything our client does, so we regarded the use of lines throughout the space as a representation of the close bond the family shares. Steady angles, classic lines, and geometric shapes come together and work cohesively throughout the design."

3. House Withrow

The dining area of House Withrow by Uoai Studio is defined by a wood lined recess.

Architect: Uoai Studio, Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From the architect: "In renovating a house from the 1920’s in Toronto for a young family, uoai studio structured the new living spaces with crisp bold gestures interspersed with moments of material and textural richness. A continuous wall of white millwork runs the full length of the house unifying the ground floor level while providing plenty of storage. This armature is activated with successive materially and spatially varied vignettes identifying areas for living, cooking and dining. A wood lined dining niche nestles into the large front window." 

4. Pacific Heights Collected Contemporary

Interior designer: Regan Baker Design, Location: San Francisco, California

From the interior designer: "With three children under the age of 5, our clients were starting to feel the confines of their Pacific Heights home when the expansive 1902 Italianate across the street went on the market. After learning the home had been recently remodeled, they jumped at the chance to purchase a move-in ready property. We worked with them to infuse the already refined, elegant living areas with subtle edginess and handcrafted details, and also helped them reimagine unused space to delight their little ones. Elevated furnishings on the main floor complement the home’s existing high ceilings, modern brass bannisters and extensive walnut cabinetry. Throughout the main floor handcrafted, textured notes are everywhere—a nubby jute rug underlies inviting sofas in the family room and a half-moon mirror in the living room mixes geometric lines with flax-colored fringe." 

5. Oak Woodland

"Almost every piece of furniture has an angle or slope," notes David Oldroyd of interior design firm ODADA. "But more natural shapes—such as the curvy chair legs or pebble-shaped poufs—bring in some softness."

Architect: Walker Warner Architects, Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

From the architect: "Located in a magnificent, park-like setting filled with mature, 80-foot-tall oak trees, this residence meets the clients’ desire for a family home that is casual, stylish, functional, and adaptable. Flexible indoor and outdoor spaces allow for the use and enjoyment of the site in its entirety, both house and grounds. All interior furnishings that were designed and curated for the project compliment the casual yet dynamic architecture while giving a chic air to the residence. Simple sculptural shapes, textural woven fabrics, organic elements and a few accents of forest colors complete the marriage of inside and out." 

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