Blu Dot’s Giving Away an Ultra Greasy ’72 El Camino Loaded With $10K of Goodies
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Blu Dot’s Giving Away an Ultra Greasy ’72 El Camino Loaded With $10K of Goodies

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By Duncan Nielsen
For those that like to go fast, Blu Dot's Modern Heist contest features an American classic brimming with swag.

Some years back, Blu Dot listed a 1978 El Camino on their website. It was clearly a flex of the Minneapolis-based company's calculated cool, and it paid off—the sleaziest of the American muscle cars was a hit with customers.

"The El Camino is a design icon, and ranks right up there with the spork," say Blu Dot co-founders John Christakos and Maurice Blanks. On the company’s website, Blanks sips from an Anthora, that fetishized blue-and-white Greek coffee cup. "We couldn't think of a better vehicle to fill with as many Blu Dot designs as possible."

The contest's winner gets this minty '72 El Camino, and $10,000-worth of Blu Dot swag. 

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And that's what the winner of Blu Dot's first-ever Modern Heist will get: $10,000 worth of products of their choosing—basically as much as will fit in the truck half of the gold-and-black, eight-cylinder Chevy. Valued at $13,000—and sporting only 33,000 miles—the car itself is a steal.

The truck-car hybrid is the pinnacle of utility in design, the Blu Dot co-founders say. They liken it to a spork—and while the comparison works, the Chevy earns a few more style points.

Blu Dot sees the muscle car as a perfect marriage of function and design, and the pinnacle of utility. It also has an interesting origin story: in 1932, an Australian farmer’s wife wrote to Ford asking for a vehicle she could take to church on Sunday, and then carry the pigs to market on Monday. Ford responded with the Ranchero, and Chevrolet followed suit with their own iteration, updating the aesthetic and sealing the vehicle’s reputation as the ultimate utility hybrid.

The gold-and-black Chevy only has 33,000 miles and is valued at $13,000. 

Don't get stuck in the rearview. Enter the Modern Heist today to win the 1972 El Camino and $10,000 in Blu Dot home goods.

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