Blankets by Teixidors and Christian Zuzunaga

By Diana Budds / Published by Dwell
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One of our new favorite product lines spotted at this year's ICFF is from Spanish company Teixidors, a small-scale textile maker that weaves its wares in Terrassa, a city in Catalonia. Established in 1983, Teixidors has a laudable social mission—it aims to employ people with learning disabilities to operate their hand looms—and environmental ethic—it uses natural materials farmed in a responsible manner.
The Squares blanket by Christian Zuzunaga and Teixidors, €380.

The Squares blanket by Christian Zuzunaga and Teixidors, €380.

Their "Integrate: Time and Space" collaboration with London– and Barcelona-based designer Christian Zuzunaga (who has also teamed up with nanimarquina, Moroso, and Kvadrat, among others) yielded an exceptionally smart and colorful blanket. Its kaleidoscopic hues come from the contrasting yarns used for the warp and the weft, which have a pixelated look when viewed up close (the overall pattern of the blanket does, too).

From afar, the thick weave seems to lend itself to a rougher tactile quality; however, these handwoven 100-percent merino wool blankets are among the softest we've ever come across. While Teixidors doesn't seem to have an American distributor, the blankets are available from Zuzunaga's online shop. Fair warning: at €355–380 each, these are most definitely luxury items.

Diana Budds


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