Dwell’s Top Stories of 2019

Dwell’s Top Stories of 2019

By Dwell
Celebrate the year’s end with superlative home tours, renovations, prefabs, and more.

Close out 2019 with the most popular stories of the year. From ingenious tiny homes to picturesque cabins, these were the projects that rallied our readership.

The 10 Most Coveted Eichler Homes of 2019

Eichler homes flipped the script on how living spaces could work for the modern family. Taking a cue from Frank Lloyd Wright himself, Joseph Eichler introduced open floor plans, walls of glass, and indoor/outdoor living into the everyday home. It’s these same design principles that contribute to the timelessness of his structures—no wonder, then, that Eichlers don’t last long on the real estate market. This year, we’ve covered several of these gems for sale; here are the 10 that got the most attention.

With a career span of more than 70 years, Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built more than 500 structures across the U.S.—and influenced countless others through the mentorship of his prodigies. From real estate news, to restorations, and even demolitions, it comes as no surprise that changes to Frank Lloyd Wright–designed buildings make headlines. Luckily, Dwell keeps you in the know with the top Frank Lloyd Wright news stories of the year.

These homes, formerly owned by such names as Sinatra and Jackie O., are sure to fill your head with fantasies of lavish pool parties, sprawling Hollywood views, and the best safely-guarded privacy money can buy. Read on to see our favorite crop of celebrity homes that hit the market this year.

Rid yourself of the winter doldrums with our top travel stories of the year. From quirky getaways (potato tiny home, anyone?) to breathtaking retreats, these travel highlights will have your vacation senses tingling. Consider yourself warned: a number of these destinations will actually pay you to relocate, making the wanderlust that much more enticing. Read on to see the travel stories that sparked a sense of fernweh.

The year’s most popular compilations round up everything from A-frames to glass houses, and midcentury remodels to houseboats for sale. They’re sure to provide a stream of inspiration for current or future projects—or, at the very least, provide some much-needed escapism. Scroll on for the lists that trended among our readers this year.

The appeal of prefab homes stems from their relative accessibility, affordability, and streamlined design that results in less environmental waste. Plus, as evident from many of the prefabs we featured this year, the modular nature of their construction allows builders to stage these low-impact homes in truly spectacular, remote locations. Read on to see the prefabricated homes and cabins that most captivated our readers to this year, from lakeside in Patagonia to hillside in Taiwan.

This year, we saw a common thread pass through all of our favorite tiny homes—namely, the lesson that minimizing space does not mean sacrificing comfort or style. Patrons of the small-living movement can attest to its affordability and life-changing simplicity. In short, tiny homes allow for more mobility in life, giving you the option to hitch your dwelling and all its contents to your car and go. Less baggage, more sustainability, and the freedom to call almost anywhere home? That’s a win-win. Read on to see the top tiny homes readers loved this year.

Whether in the Brazilian rainforest or on a Norwegian island, a cabin retreat offers the chance to disconnect from the stresses of modern life and fall off the grid, communing with nature and ourselves. We look back on some of our readers’ favorite hideaways this year, from the wild and remote to the groovy and folkloric.

Perhaps it speaks to something intrinsically nomadic within us, but the prospect of living in a well-bedecked van or bus presents a tantalizing alternative to sitting at a desk or being stuck in one place. And as these amazing mobile homes show, you don’t have to leave the comforts of home behind while living your best #VanLife. Our top 10 trailers and campers of 2019 demonstrate the beauty of life on the road: that it’s the journey—rather than the destination—that makes it all worthwhile. 

You shopped, we listened. Read on to see the most cherished goods chosen by Dwell readers this year.

The year’s most memorable transformations ran the gamut from gut renovations to respectful facelifts—regardless of the level of intervention, however, the resulting homes are case studies in how to honor original characteristics while becoming more responsive to modern lifestyles, local context, and environmental concerns.

A well-designed home elevates quality of life, be it through gathering friends and family in thoughtfully scaled spaces, helping you stay connected to the rhythms of nature, or allowing you to work and play under the same roof. The houses that most captivated our readers this year respond poetically to the environment and individual needs, and are finely tuned without seeming overwrought. From Karuizawa, Japan, to the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the heavyweight homes of the year span the globe.


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