Make Your House Smell Like Spring Is Coming Soon

Make Your House Smell Like Spring Is Coming Soon

In our new series What’s That Smell?, we’ll bring you any and every home fragrance solution that isn’t a candle. This month: laundry detergent and incense that smells like palo santo.

Welcome to What’s That Smell?, a monthly roundup of the newest and the best in home scent solutions, from a dedicated home scent enthusiast to you.

March is a tricky time, in terms of scents for the home. While you might be sick of the cold weather notes—pine, cedar, nutmeg, wood—the weather outside tends to tell you that you have to surround yourself with them for at least a few more weeks. It’s an enormous problem, and it’s unfortunate that the government is doing nothing to remedy it. However, there are ways to cope. In times like these (March) we must seek out transitional scents to pull us out of our winter doldrums and into springtime zeal. We must also seek out other nice little things, just to make ourselves happy because we deserve it, or maybe we don’t; it doesn’t matter. Here is a collection featuring each.

It’s a spa vibe!

Esker Beauty Bath & Towel Spray
Indulge your senses and transport yourself to an at-home spa, pre-shower, post bath and anytime in between with this eucalyptus herbal scent. This luxury room spray can be used on towels, robes, bedding or as a room refresher.

I’m always searching for ways to make my life more like the life of a woman of leisure, or the life of a woman who accidentally got trapped inside of a spa at the end of the world and now has to live out her remaining days alone and in total relaxation. This new bath and towel spray from Esker sort of gets at the vibe. (But not scary.) It smells like eucalyptus, lavender, and palo santo, and you can spray it anywhere—in your shower and on your towels, like the name suggests, but also on your bathrobe, or your bed sheets, or your couch. In your mind, you’re instantly transported to a spa. (Whether or not it’s the end of the world is your call.)

It’s not Diptyque (but spiritually similar)

The Busted Gentleman Perpetual Youth Candle
Inspired by the idealised forms of classical antiquity, the Perpetual Youth vessel is a tribute to the artisanal remains of Apollo. The handsome ceramic design provides a warm atmosphere to any setting, with soft shadows enhancing the delicacies of Apollo’s fine features when lit.

If you’re very particular about decor, it can be hard to find a good scented candle that doesn’t look out of place in your space. Diptyque is always elegant, but everyone has Diptyque. You know what everyone doesn’t have? A "Perpetual Youth" candle from Australian brand the Busted Gentleman. The scent is citrus-focused and grounded in moss and earthiness, with a bit of vanilla (but, thankfully, not too much). And the porcelain vessel, displaying the bust of Apollo, is both understated and beautiful.

It’s not on fire!

Trudon Abd el Kader Diffuser
The collection of Home Objects welcomes a new icon: the Trudon Diffuser joins L’OEuf, the Room Spray and La Promeneuse to further perfume interiors. Shaped out of the same emblematic Trudon-green glass, the 350ml fluted container is adorned with a gold emblem.

Trudon’s much beloved Abd el Kader scent works for every season, with notes of winter-appropriate ginger and clove and warm weather-y mint, lemon, and jasmine. And the brand’s new diffusers allow for a particular pleasure their candles don’t, which is: the feeling of being greeted with a Trudon fragrance immediately upon walking into your home after a long day. (Or, you know—I at least hope you’re not leaving candles burning in your empty home during the day in order to be greeted with the scent when you get back.) The diffuser is luxurious and, most importantly, not a fire hazard.

It’s French!

Astier de Villatte Antoinette Incense Holder
Crafted from black terracotta clay using traditional Roman methods, this handmade Antoinette incense burner has a high-shine white porcelain glaze and an elegant female figurine with exposed elements for a unique finish.

Just completely gorgeous, like all of Astier de Villatte ceramics. Make your incense ritual even more enjoyable with this lady’s floating head.

It’s (only sort of) woo-woo!

Subtle Bodies Palo Santo Incense
Palo Santo has an unmistakable scent that is warm, woody, and slightly sweet with notes of citrus, mint, and pine. Subtle bodies Palo Santo is sourced exclusively from old, stockpiled wood to ensure they don't contribute to an unsustainable forestry practice.

And while we’re on the subject of an incense ritual, I recommend burning this sustainably sourced palo santo incense from Subtle Bodies.

It’s gorgeous!

Shantell Martin x Joya Candle
Artist Shantell Martin and Joya have collaborated on a candle that brings attention to the passage of time. The themes are focus, everyday hours and minutes spent, and the ways in which an artist chooses to spend their time.

Brooklyn candle studio Joya always has the most beautiful candles, both in terms of vessel and scent. This one is a collaboration with the artist Shantell Martin, and is meant to bring to mind the passage of time. The candle is separated into two layers, each of which offers its own distinct scent; the first featuring clary sage and lavender, the second featuring green tea and ocean air. Burn through them and wonder where the hell they’ve gone, like you do all your days.

It’s Gen Z-approved

Candle Warmer Lamp
Our candle heater warms and melts the wax instead of burning it. Hence releasing a stronger and more fragrant aroma of your scented candle, all while being a lovely decorative lamp.  ...

I’ve heard from multiple sources that candle warmer lamps are popular now because of TikTok. I don’t feel the need to investigate this claim for myself; I’ll believe whatever anyone says about TikTok because it is a scary bottomless void about which I’m sure you could substantiate any claim. That said, it does seem very "Gen Z" to reject the wasteful old method of actually burning one’s scented candles, in favor of the not new but newly re-popular method of melting them much more slowly, via electric heater.

Would I employ this method myself? No. I like the flickering flame and the ephemeral, almost memento mori-esque nature of a burning candle. But if one must reject the warm glow of a bougie parfumée in favor of the warm glow of a lamp, this is an elegant option. Just remember that nothing lasts forever. Not a scented candle. Not even youth…

It solves for tedium with scent!

Kerzon Super Frais Laundry Soap
The formulation of our natural laundry soap nourishes the fibers, preserves the beauty of your favorite clothes and gives your laundry softness and cleanliness thanks to the action of biodegradable vegetable oils.

I absolutely love a luxurious laundry soap. It turns washing your clothes—usually a chore—into a slightly more enjoyable chore. I’ve been using Kerzon’s "Super Fais" for a few weeks now, and its clean scent, with notes of cedar and ylang, brightens my mood whenever I get a good whiff.

We love the products we feature and hope you do, too. If you buy something through a link on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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