Best Desked

Best Desked

By Olivia Martin
Although we shouldn’t admit it, the Dwell reception area doesn’t always resemble the best of modern design. Actually, it can become a little crowded when filled with mailing boxes full of products coming in and out of the office. This means we can truly appreciate cutting-edge reception furniture, like the Zig-Zag desk designed by Zbigniew Kostrzewa for Polish office furniture company MDD, which won the 2012 red dot product design award.

The high front panel of the desk allows for ample organization and a large interior work space.

The desk can be lit in 15 different colors, plus white.

The red dot product design competition began in 1955. In 2012, 4,500 international companies and designers submitted products to be considered for a red dot award. The Zig-Zag desk appealed to judges because it was innovative, played with light and clear form, and utilized basic shapes into a fresh design. 

Zig-Zag has white metal bands that interlace over Plexiglas. It is divided into modules that can be rearranged to adapt to room size and orientation. The desk is inset with LED lights controlled by a remote control for practical uses, such as lighting a dark room, or impractical uses, such as setting the desk to flash in "pulsating rhythmical colors."

The Zig-Zag desk with a classic white light for brightening up dim offices.


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