Beer Craft Winners

Congratulations to Trenton Rink of Colombus, Ohio, Kyle Hertler of North Hollywood, California, Maria Bager of Santa Monica, California, Pat Christopher of Seattle, Washington, and Sigita Saliklis of Marina del Rey, California. May you all drink and brew to your hearts' content (but with reason, of course).

What's more, I wrote to Bostwick to see if he's got a few sage words for those picking up a copy of his book and he says:

"We made the book easy to use for people who like getting creative and coming up with their own recipes, so readers should experiment! Play around with ingredients and styles—don't feel like you have to make beer you can buy in a store. We get our inspiration at the farmers market, the spice aisle, over dinner.... The fun part is trying something new.

"Oh, and don't buy a kit. It's cheaper and easier to get the ingredients yourself, and you probably already have most of the equipment you need at home."

Have fun!

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