Artist Reinvents the Contemporary Art Experience

Sargam Griffin, a contemporary artist located in Healdsburg, California, is reinventing the art experience.

Greatly influenced by her impressions of the world, her work is distinguished by many years of designing and painting custom finishes for large commercial projects and private estates. Ms. Griffin’s work takes shape in the form of large abstract paintings on canvas and museum quality panels. 

With the advent of online vacation rentals, she found a way to take the contemporary art experience to the next level.Ms. Griffin conceived the Art Shed, a vacation space for visitors looking to be immersed in a unique contemporary art experience. The space is a reflection of her personal inspiration. 

Each visitor is welcomed by a whimsical art boat installation.

A whimsical art boat installation greets each visitor. The home’s exterior is simple —hard and angular, its light gray surface is conversely disrupted with a bright orange lantern. 

An orange lantern lights the way to an angular gray structure.

The interior has none of the exterior’s austerity. It’s warm and inviting, with weathered gray floors, concrete surfaces and white cabinetry, all bathed in natural light. 

The Art Shed's interior is warm and inviting.

The design maximizes long, flat walls, open floors, and high ceilings allowing for the large-scale artwork. The light fixtures are subtle, the window frames and door handles minimalist. 

The space allows Sargam to share her large-scale artwork with visitors.

An outdoor shower beckons weary travelers to commune with nature. The gallery effect is precise, with the interior oriented to deliver alternative perspectives of the featured artwork.

An outdoor shower beckons weary travelers to commune with nature.

Located in town of Healdsburg, visitors can easily find the Art Shed nestled along a hillside surrounded by vineyards. The area is one of the three rising stars producing celebrated Sonoma County wines. Often compared to Carmel and St. Helena, Healdsburg has a charm all it’s own. The Art Shed is a 5-minute drive away from a charming town center, Healdsburg Plaza. 

The Healdsburg Plaza has a charm all it's own.

Visitors will find a shady square where people can gather to listen to live jazz or engage in community events. Delightful restaurants, notable tasting rooms, and enchanting boutiques surround the area. It is not hard to find people chatting, meeting for coffee or just enjoying the sun.


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