Animal Shot Glasses by Goody Grams

Cartoonish, precious animals have ruled the day on t-shirts, letter pressed greeting cards, home decor and well, everything on Etsy, for ages now. Though the animal silhouette trend has certainly seen it’s day, I suppose what I liked about these glasses was their heft. What Goody Grams has done is reclaim the weight and detail of these creatures (rhinos, bears, moose and bulls are all both weighty and detailed) and then paint them jet black. Made of glass and pewter, when not serving as the staging ground for another round, these glasses can be turned on their ends and serve as able paperweights. Otherwise balance them on their ears, antlers and snouts and pour away. Though I’m usually a snifter man, I’d even take my grappa from one of these.

Choose from a bull, moose, deer, rabbit, rhino, ram, bear and deer or get the whole set at Molla Space or Generate Design.

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