And The Winner Is...

And The Winner Is...

By Sarah Rich
We know you've been waiting white-knuckled at the edge of your seats to know who came up with the winning name for Coolhaus's next ice cream sandwich. The time has come. We've picked a winner. And an honorable mention. And we couldn't help ourselves...we have a [long] shortlist of favorites and we want to share them all.

The winner of the Dwell's Sweetest Contest Ever, which will debut tomorrow night at the Dwell on Design movie screening and Mobile Restaurant Row as the newest flavor offering from Coolhaus is...

Louis Kahntaloupe: cantaloupe ice cream between ginger cookies
Submitted by Scott Linder

It was a tough decision, and because tomorrow night's event features Visual Acoustics, the new documentary about Julius Shulman, we decided to select a second honoree. This flavor will be made as a one-night-only, limited edition sandwich in honor of the great modern architectural photographer and subject of tomorrow's movie. Remarkably, four contest entries suggested the name: 

Orange Julius Shulman: orange sherbet between sugar cookies
Submitted by Ash Goddard, John McElhone, Adam Rubin, and Trudi Sandmeier

Congratulations to the winners! 

And now, if you'll indulge the indecisive judges—Evan Kleiman (owner of Angeli Caffe and KCRW "Good Food" host), writer and gelato-lover Alissa Walker, Natasha Case and Freya Estreller (owners of Coolhaus), and myself (Sarah Rich, editor at Dwell)—who simply could not get enough of the hundreds of hilarious and brilliant puns, we would like to share our shortlist: 

Rem Raisin: Rum raisin ice cream between stroopwafels (a dutch "It's It")
Submitted by Cameron Sinclair

Philippe's Darck Chocolate: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream between dark chocolate cookies sprinked with fleur de sel
Submitted by Joseph Petrillo

Chocolate Chipperfield:Chocolate chip ice cream between chocolate chip cookies
Submitted by Greer Freshwater Burton, Annabel Lee Enriquez, Dao Nguyen, Monica Renner, Jill Singer and Kayce Williford

Herzog & De Marzipan: Marzipan/chocolate chip ice cream between Chinese almond cookies
Submitted by Matt Fenster

Tadao Andough: Cookie Dough ice cream between chocolate cookies
Submitted by Amber Stewart

Tadao Andoreo: Green tea ice cream between oreo cookies
Submitted by Steve Hartman

Louis Pe-Kahn: Pecan ice cream between oatmeal cookies
Submitted by Tim Rudloff

Froyo Ito: green tea frozen yogurt between almond cookies
Submitted by Annabel Lee Enriquez and Kelly Hines

Robert Venturtle: Chocolate ice cream with a caramel ribbon between chocolate-walnut cookies
Submitted by Thomas Ochoa

Edith Heathbar Crunch: Vanilla heath bar ice cream between caramel cookies
Submitted by Marc Alt and Rachel Weingarten

Mochi Safdie: Vanilla ice cream in orange mochi dough
Submitted by Lindsay Wai

Marcel Brownie: Peanut butter ice cream between brownies
Submitted by Jessica Denton

Le Corbrulée:Creme brulee flavored ice cream between "Zimtsterne" cookies (Swiss cinnamon cookies) [entrant adds: "propping this up on cinnamon stick "pilotis" would be super!"] Submitted by Kara Gustafson

Norman Bananas Foster: Banana ice cream between brown sugar cookies
Submitted by David Campbell, Annabel Lee Enriquez, Desiree Gaines, Sarah Hardin, Andrew Parks, Monica Renner and Eugene Zinovyev

Moshe Softee: Salted caramel ice cream between molasses cookies
Submitted by Tim Halbur and Besty Uhrman

IM Pie: (4 submissions! Same name, different flavor)
Fruit ice cream in a pie crust
Submitted by Desiree Gaines
Vanilla bean ice cream between devil's food cookies filled with a layer of marshmallow fluff
Submitted by Kara Gustafson
Iced mango ice cream between almond cookies (therefore, "I.M.")
Submitted by Desiree Capestro
Green tea ice cream between graham cracker cookies
Submitted by Justin Pearlman

Quince Jones: quince/apple/pear ice cream between a slab of concrete-colored sugar cookie and a slab of meringue foam cookie
Submitted by Larry Cheng

Oreo Saarinen: cookies & cream ice cream between chocolate cookies
Submitted by Lauren Adams, Kara Gustafson Steve Linder, Andrew Schneider and Cheryl Scott

Eero Cinnamon: Cinnamon ice cream between lemon cookies
Submitted by Thomas King and Kate Wheeler

Eclair-o Saarinen: Vanilla bean frozen custard between dark chocolate coated shortbread
Submitted by Angela Lane

Joseph Eclair: French vanilla bean ice cream between chocolate frosted shortbread cookies
Submitted by David Kelly

Louis Kahnnoli: Vanilla ice cream mixed with dark chocolate bits and pistachios between cannoli shells
Submitted by Virginia Young

Thom Playne: Vanilla ice cream between sugar cookies
Submitted by Greer Burton

Maya Linzer Tart: Raspberry ice cream swirled with raspberry jam between almond shortbread cookies
Submitted by Amy Gelender

Sugaru Bon-Bon: Peppermint bon-bon ice cream between sugar cookies
Submitted by Kara Gustafson

Eamesicle: Vanilla ice cream between orange cookies
Submitted by Rachel Duclos

S'morphosis: Chocolate ice cream with marshmallows between graham cracker cookies
Submitted by Brian Reiff

Muy Berrygan: Blackberry ice cream between Mexican chocolate & cinnamon cookies (with a Light Blue Line of Frosting across the top (to reference his fountains!)
Submitted by Kathleen Thomas

Bernard Tiramishumi: Tiramisu ice cream between traditional cone flavored wafers
Submitted by Luis Bolaños

Praline Gray: Vanilla bean ice cream between two cookie size confections made up of butter, brown sugar, and pecans
Submitted by Gordon A. Nicholson

Maya Lingonberry: Mascarpone ice cream with lingonberry jam folded in between spice cookies
Submitted by Desiree Capestro

Ray Frappe: Chocolate chip espresso ice cream between two orange mocha cookies
Submitted by Andrew Parks

Lastly a few greats that came in from the Dwell crew:

Architectural Digestif
Rafael Pignoli
Paolo Mendes da Mocha
Cherry Bertoia
Dieter Grahams
Dulce de Bourroulleche

And, thanks to Miyoko Ohtake (Dwell's associate editor), if Coolhaus branches out from ice cream sandwiches, she suggests a new line of Pritzker Pies!

Big thanks to all of you who participated in this contest and congratulations to the winners! It was great fun for us and we hope it was equally fun for you. Those of you who have bought tickets to tomorrow night's movie and dinner event at the Geffen Contemporary will have a chance to taste Louis Kahntaloupe and Orange Julius Shulman at the Coolhaus truck. See you there!


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