An Airy, Award-Winning Maryland Gem Hits the Market

An Airy, Award-Winning Maryland Gem Hits the Market

By Jennifer Baum Lagdameo
Set in a forested location, just outside Washington, DC this award-winning contemporary construction is now on the market for the first time.

The Takoma Park House is a stunning contemporary home located in the quaint and historic city of Takoma Park, MD—well-known in the area for its tradition of detached bungalow homes. The sleek rectangular design stands out for multiple reasons, the most striking being how the elegant form of the modern structure reflects and refracts the nature surrounding it. 

The front of the house at night. An exterior stairway alongside the carport leads to the home’s main entrance.

Designed by renowned architect Robert Nichols, the three-bedroom, three-bath, 3,650-square-foot home was completed in October 2016, and awarded the Silver Trophy A’Design Award from the A’Design Awards and Competition in 2017. Now on the market, the award-winning property features soaring ceilings, spacious rooms, a show-stealing concrete fireplace, and numerous high-end touches throughout. 

The main entrance sets the tone for the bright and airy interiors. 

The structure’s natural fiber cement exterior keeps with the rustic character of the home’s setting. The first-floor living area features a bright and open plan, a private guest room, a thoughtfully-designed modern kitchen and dining room, high ceilings, good lighting, and large expanses of glass providing views of the surrounding forest and nearby creek while flooding the house with sunlight throughout the year. 

A fireplace assembled with three different colors on its concrete panels is the centerpiece of the spacious living area.

The living room is anchored by a distinctive concrete fireplace marking the central intersection of the home, its painted metal flue spanning the height of the volume.  

The kitchen features high-end appliances and cabinets elegantly paired with green marble countertops and tiling. 

Natural lighting is not an issue despite the home’s forested setting. 

The first floor features an open plan living room, kitchen and dining room.  

The kitchen opens to the dining room area which features a balcony overlooking the surrounding woods. 

The second floor includes the master bedroom, a second bedroom, a balcony, a library and an outdoor deck. A bridge stretches across the two-story interior space, connecting the library to the bedroom above the kitchen and living areas. 

A bridge on the second floor leads from the master bedroom to the library.

Despite the open plan and ample glazing, the home maintains a strong sense of privacy thanks to its carefully organized public and private spaces. 

The library features high ceilings complete with ceiling fans and ample lighting. 

The master bath overlooks a private section of the forest to ensure privacy for the owner. 

As Nichols explains, "The spatial organization of the house is based on a programmatic separation between public and private areas. The family in the household is intended to have a private space for sleeping and bathing. The private part of the house is located on the entry side and faces land, woods, and road. The public spaces where the family gathers and entertains are at the rear of the house, overlooking the creek in the park."

Rear house view at night.

"The house forms a linear structure in a cantilever cube with one being open and the other enclosed," explains Nichols. 

206 Domer Ave is now being listed by Stephanie McGovern of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty who can be contacted at 202-368-7198 (mobile) or 301-967-3344 (office).


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