All the World's a Page

All the World's a Page

By Sara Ost
If you've run out of room on your nightstands, filled every available wall with shelves, and if your floorspace has begun to resemble a domestic fjord of book stacks, consider condensing some of your favorite reads to a more manageable—make that microscopic—single sheet of paper.

The creative minds at All the World's a Page do just that, printing entire classic volumes on 150 gram pure rough posters that will set you back about 20 Euro. And we're not talking about more slender works like The Ballad of the Sad Café or even A Moveable Feast; the current collection includes the books Ulysses, Moby Dick, and Pride & Prejudice.


A magnifying glass, €8.50, is a recommended accompanying purchase. Admittedly, these posters may be of little help to readers navigating an increasingly teetering collection, but they do make for a whimsical gift for your favorite bookworm. (If she can find the wallspace.)


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