Alessi and Marcel Wanders Let The Circus Run Wild In Their Latest Collaboration

Alessi and Marcel Wanders Let The Circus Run Wild In Their Latest Collaboration

By Matthew Keeshin
The renowned Dutch designer and the Italian company bring the spirit of the big top to the home.

If there was anyone to match the high-octane energy of the circus, it's Marcel Wanders. In the Circus Collection produced by Alessi, Wanders injects the whimsy of clowns, acrobatic elephants, and the like into household accessories transforming dinner into a spectacle. The strict geometries of the jars, bowls, mugs, and containers are covered in candy-coated colors. Classic characters complete the collection. Wanders transforms a nutcracker into  Marcello the Stongman while Gilberto the Jester is a playful interpretation on a corkscrew. Glossy metallic finishes and decorative motifs evoke the carnival's illuminating lights. So for anyone aching to host the greatest show on Earth, these festive objects are sure to surprise guests and capture their imaginations.  

The core pieces are made from  stainless steal and finished with geometric patterns. Combinations of red, yellow, black, red, gold, white, and silver alternate on the objects across the collection.  

While a popular ballet might have first popularized this everyday object, Wanders' version is a charming take. Marcello the Strongman is one of the several limited-edition designs created for the Circus Collection. The characterization makes the object quite the performance. After placing the nut between his feet on the base, the weights above his head can be turned to crack open and snack. 

Gilberto the Jester is a corkscrew that can't help but impress a crowd. The contorted form perks up as the cork twists open from the bottle. 

Valentine the Ballerina and her partner, a little mouse, sit on top of a music box that plays The March of the Gladiators by Julius Fučík, a popular circus melody. 

Massimo the Ringleader is a dinner bell complete with a monocle and pet monkey. 

The silk-screened glass jars are inspired by a merry-go-round. 

A wine cooler from the Circus Collection by Marcel Wanders for Alessi. 

Diamonds, stripes, and polka dots embellish the collection of mugs in the collection. 

While the majority of pieces are steel, the dishware, trays, and containers are all made from bone china. 


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