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By Aaron Britt
We covered our favorite beach spots in our June 2011 issue, but as you well know, summer marches on. And plenty of us (especially those who have already taken their vacations) are dreaming about a getaway. In the June issue, travel writer Heidi Mitchell handicapped your six best bets for securing a modern retreat, one of which was the San Francisco-based startup Airbnb. The service allows people to make everything from the futon to the back bedroom to the entire manor available to rent, thus permitting you to stay someplace grand when you're on the road. I had a good jaunt through Airbnb today looking for places that will get any fan of modern design itching to travel and here's what I found. Three of the locations have even been in the pages of Dwell.

If you're looking to actually crash in a pad that appeared in Dwell, try the iT House in Pioneertown, California. It appeared in the November, 2008 issue. Check out our story here.

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Another option, should you be looking for an East Coast sojourn, is the inn Lost River Modern in Lost River, West Virginia. We covered this plucky prefab guest house in our February 09 edition and it's still looking like a pretty idyllic spot.

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Who wouldn't love a night at Frank Lloyd Wright's Schwartz House?

Now, if we're really talking about the architectural masters, it's hard to argue with our man Frank Lloyd Wright. And in the event you're looking for a high-design getway in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, this is just about the only place you'd want to stay. Here's the AirBnB listing to go along with the home's website.

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If you're looking to crash in a pad that has actually appeared in the pages Dwell, look no further than the iT House in Pioneertown, California. It appeared in the November, 2008 issue. Available for vacation rental on Airbnb (and you can also read the original story here).

I quite like the look of this modernist beach house on Fire Island, New York. It's light and summery and is just the kind of space a Long Island weekend demands. 

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If skiiing is your bent, we adored this alpine manse in Squaw Valley, California in the April 2011 edition of Houses We Love. You can love it too for a hefty $5,000 per night. Bring a friend or two.

Palm Springs is of course littered with groovy mid-century houses. Here's one you can rent; the pool looks especially inviting.

If it's that retro vibe you seek, but a more exotic locale, you could easily live out your mid-50s fantasy in this Martinborough, New Zealand home.

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Finally, if it's more of a rural California retreat that you're after, this house in Occidental by Frederick Fisher and Partners seems to have it all. I love the modern form, all that glass, and the bucolic surroundings. You could certainly spend that $300 per night on worse spots.