Affordable Beach Home Dream

Affordable Beach Home Dream

By Chad Johnstone
It's a dream for many to own a beach home, but an unrealistic one because of coastal homes prices. So I decided to do some research, Where can I find affordable homes on the coasts of the US?

Growing up in the surfing town of Pacifica, CA, Its hard for me to imagine not being able to own a home on the coast somewhere. The tight knit community, wide ranges of activities, and the smell of salt in the air just some of the reasons why I want to continue to experience life on the coast. 

The view from Gabriel Ramirez’s property in Sea Ranch, California, where meadow grasses and cypress trees give way to craggy cliffs and the lapping Pacific Ocean. His house joins those that a cohort of forward-thinking architects built along this stretch of coast in the 1960s.

However California coastal homes are merely fiction for us younger generations, so where else can we look? In states such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas, Coastal homes vary in the affordable price range of $70,000-$300,000 Price range in small beach communities.

One of the most surprising, affordable neighborhoods is the popular Pensacola, Florida. With loads of attractions, beaches, and golf courses, theres no reason why it shouldn't garner interest from outsiders to invest in a vacation property. These cheap communities are the younger generations beacon of hope in a very expensive beach home market.

One of the many Pensacola beaches near downtown.

It may not be Long Beach, or LA or Myrtle beach, but its a cost-friendly way to get your fix of a coastal lifestyle and quality beach time.


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