A Timeless Foundation Paves the Way For an Iconic Structure

A Timeless Foundation Paves the Way For an Iconic Structure

Since 1963, Stepstone has been manufacturing handmade, precast concrete products elegant enough for any location—such as the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
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A Los Angeles landmark since 1955, the Beverly Hilton Hotel has hosted the Golden Globe Awards for the past 57 years, making it a home for the entertainment industry. When thinking about the hotel, many conjure up images of its grand entry draped in 30,000 feet of red carpet, welcoming Hollywood’s elite. This is a special driveway, to be sure, and over time the Beverly Hilton and its entryway have been photographed, talked about, and written up. It’s been imbued with meaning beyond its walls—it’s become an L.A. icon. 

The entrance, stairways, and paved areas of any space set its tone and style. Like many recognizable and historic landmarks around the city and beyond, the Beverly Hilton has relied on Stepstone pavers and concrete solutions for low-maintenance hardscaping that complements the overall design. 

For over 50 years, Stepstone, Inc., has been dedicated to providing builders, architects, and homeowners a unique and high-quality selection of pavers, stair treads, wall caps, and pool coping. Combining elegance with durability, along with offering a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles, Stepstone creates beautiful concrete solutions for any setting. The company’s Large Scale CalArc Pavers offer a bold selection of sizes, ranging up to 24x60 inches. "Stepstone is the leader in the industry for Large Scale CalArc Format Pavers," says Lisa, from Stepstone’s marketing team. "They’re modern, sleek, and elegant. They tend to blend in and stand out at the same time." 

Stepstone’s broad and classic product line subtly elevates architecture, creating a distinguished and memorable property that may just become iconic. 

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