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Stepstone’s wide selection of concrete solutions allow for creativity and singularity.
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Elegant but durable, subtle yet distinct, concrete remains one of the most lasting and versatile building materials. Allowing for a wide range of styles and personalization while holding up to the elements, concrete elevates any project, and can also become its creative focal point. Stepstone, Inc., a California based concrete manufacturer, understands that beautiful concrete solutions set the stage for any location. The company’s products grace the entryways to many of the nation’s most recognized and celebrated spaces, such as Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York, Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, and the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. These places have become landmarks, and their bold, concrete entryways sidewalks, and courtyards have quite literally paved the way for their iconography. 

Below, see how the creative and innovative use of Stepstone pavers have elevated quintessential Los Angeles locations, both old and new, turning them into emblematic memorials.

The iconic Santa Monica pier at the corner of Colorado and Ocean Avenues, paved with Stepstone’s Wave Pavers. 

The Colorado Esplanade runs alongside the Downtown Santa Monica station on the Metro Expo Line.  

Santa Monica’s Colorado Esplanade, running from 4th Street to Ocean Avenue, is a promenade connecting the Downtown Expo Light Rail stations, Tongva Park, and the Santa Monica Pier—one of the area’s most known landmarks. One of the location’s most striking features is its charcoal and yellow walkway. The Esplanade is paved with Stepstone’s Wave Pavers, which reflect the motion of the sea; the walkway almost seems to move along with its passersby. The pavers are distinct and unique, creating a space that stands out. 

Stepstone pavers are utilized not only on the Esplanade, but on the station’s platforms, walkways, and steps, as well. 

Inspired by a walkway in Barcelona, Spain, Stepstone’s Wave Pavers create an undulating effect beneath pedestrians.

The Wave Pavers were inspired by a similarly wavy pavement design found in Barcelona, Spain. The Stepstone team embraces the introduction of new ideas. Ultimately they know that architects, designers, and homeowners benefit from out-of-the-box thinking and innovative applications. "At Stepstone we don’t just focus on innovation, we focus on our team’s creativity," says a team member. "We’re artists and our culture is one of curiosity, experimentation, and pushing the boundaries."

The charcoal and yellow colors used on the Colorado Esplanade have made the area iconic.  

The Wilshire Boulevard Temple, located near downtown Los Angeles on the Wilshire Boulevard, was completed in 1929. It has long been an LA landmark, its Byzantine-style dome visible from the highway.

The Wilshire Boulevard Temple courtyard is paved with Stepstone’s Large Scale CalArc Pavers, which are available in a wide range of sizes up to 24x60 inches.

Los Angeles’ Wilshire Boulevard Temple is topped by a large dome that is recognizable from the highway. The building is registered on the National Register of Historic places and is a beloved area landmark. Inside, the temple is decorated with beautiful murals. Outside, the broad walkways and courtyards welcome and invite visitors in, and are paved with Stepstone’s Large Scale CalArc Pavers.

The Banc of California Stadium, home to the Los Angeles FC, will hold its very first soccer match in late April 2018. 

Construction on the Banc of California Stadium is still wrapping up, but sneak peeks promise a stunning arena. 

Stepstone’s Pedestal Set Roof Pavers are installed on the stadium’s Club Level terraces. 

What will be home to Los Angeles FC, a major league soccer expansion team, Banc of California Stadium is a much anticipated soccer arena opening in Los Angeles this month. The arena will be the first open air soccer arena in the area since the 1960s, and is sure to become a beloved and well known Los Angeles landmark. Construction on the stadium is still wrapping up, but already the arena’s grand pavilions and footpaths suggest the elegance and power of the space. Stepstone’s Pedestal Set Roof Pavers pave the stadium’s Club Level terraces. 

Working on a new landmark such as the stadium is exciting, but the Stepstone team finds every project exciting. "An urban park, a celebrity’s backyard, a renovation of a historical landmark...we approach every project with the same passion."

Precast Concrete Roof Pavers are available in 12 standard colors and a variety of finishes. Pedestal set pavers mimic a roof's slope to allow for free flowing drainage.

Views of downtown Exposition Park are visible from the new stadium’s terraces. 

The United Artist Theatre at the Ace Hotel, a beautifully restored 1920s movie theater, has a timeless quality to it, both inside and out.

The United Artist Theatre is beloved in Los Angeles as a haven for the arts. 

The United Artist Theatre at the Ace Hotel is one of Los Angeles’ most remarkable spaces. The beautifully restored, 1920s movie theatre is now a distinguished venue for artists and entertainers. The space, with its grand lobby and ornate vaulted ceiling, hosts a variety of events like performances, symposiums, conferences and more, and is a beloved haven for the arts. The building has a timeless quality to it both inside and out. Its vintage marquis is a beacon of creativity and inspiration.

The sidewalk lining the building is similarly classic—the charcoal and cream checkered Stepstone CalArc Pavers seem both modern and timeless, signalling that this building is special. The pavers combine elegance and durability with ease of installation, and are available in a number of distinctive colors, sizes, and finishes, making them Stepstone’s signature product.

The checkered Stepstone CalArc Pavers outside the United Artist Theatre seem both modern and timeless, signalling that this building is special.

The charcoal and cream colors used outside the United Artist Theatre are timeless and iconic.

Stepstone has been dedicated to providing builders, architects, and homeowners a unique and high-quality selection of pavers, stair treads, wall caps, and pool coping for over 50 years now. Their product selection and variety of finishes and colors allow for the utmost creativity and uniqueness for any building project, and have proven time and again to elevate a space to the extraordinary. 

Stepstone’s product selection and variety of finishes and colors allow for the utmost creativity for any building project. 


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