You Can Buy Your Very Own Prefabricated Escape Pod

You Can Buy Your Very Own Prefabricated Escape Pod

By Michele Koh Morollo
This elliptical, rotating pod can be used as a garden studio, social gathering spot, resting place, or office.

Made with European oak and birch plywood and clad in cedar shingles, The Escape Pod was designed and prefabricated in the English county of Gloucestershire by furniture maker Dominic Ash and tree house engineer Jeremy Fitter of Podmakers Ltd

Innovative CNC milling and assembly techniques enabled Ash and Fitter to craft the pod's organic, curved structure entirely out of wood. 

While the structure's facade is covered with cedar shingles, the windowsills and steps that lead up to the interiors are clad in weather-resilient European oak. 

Sturdy birch plywood was used for the interiors, which is crowned with a domed skylight. 

The pod is fitted with an aircraft-style plug door with a wooden hinge mechanism, and is raised on a platform that’s a little more than one and a half feet off the ground. 

When the steps are lifted, the pod is rotatable, so the curved windows can be spun and directed to catch the light of the moving sun. 

All pods can be customized to meet the needs of its owner, including internal finishes and where the windows should be placed. 

If desired, Podmakers Ltd can also install a wood-burning stove, under-floor heating, electrical systems, and insulation. 

The Garden Room

There are four basic interior configurations for the pods. The "Garden Room" is designed with a round table in the middle and a circular bench built along the curved walls—making it ideal for social get-togethers. 

The Snug

The "Snug" is fitted with a 6.9-by-6.6-foot mattress, and is perfect for glamping, or as a private garden retreat. 

The Studio

The "Studio" has a desk and daybed, and would work well as a summer guesthouse. 

The Office

The "Office" is designed with plenty of integrated storage and power sockets, making it a productive home office with two workstations. 

The pod is delivered to the client’s site and installed by crane or forklift. In most cases, planning permission is not required. 

Prices for an Escape Pod start at $26,604, but vary depending on style specifications. 


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