A Picture of A Fake Holiday Tree

Fred Tomaselli makes a tall, narrow one whose photographic rendering of a plastic tree brings new meaning to Sartre's levels of existence: the real tree, then the plastic tree, then the sticker photograph of the plastic rendering of the real tree. It's 69 inches high.

Phoebe Washburn's "Wood Wall as Safari Vest as Tree" takes a comic glance at the tree, treating it as a point-of-purchase display of tree accessories still in their packages. It's whimsy applied to wood.

And Markus Linnenbrink's "Acharliebrownchristmastree" is his Christmas tree adaptation of his famed table designs, looking more like a beautiful puddle reflection than a Charlie Brown tear-jerker. 

 All of these decals are fully able to hover over real presents. And all are available at Artware Editions in New York.

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