A New Digital Stencil Lets Creatives Rest Their Wrists

Morpholio transfers a copybook drawing tool to the touchscreen.
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Even in our high-speed digital world, the human body still sets the pace in many creative endeavors. In drawing, the basis for almost all design, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer a stylus or a pencil, you can only get your ideas down as fast as your fingers can scribble. 

To alleviate some of the repetitiveness of sketching on screens, Morpholio, maker of a group of apps for creatives, has unveiled an upgrade based on an age-old art utensil. The newly announced Stencil feature for their Trace app lets designers create a toolkit of graphics, from logos to buildings, that can be instantly reproduced and tagged to any image. Stencils can be drawn freehand or derived from photos, then customized with Trace’s detailed color and texture palettes. 

Most exciting for design buffs, the update includes a library of ready-made compositions such as iconic furniture from modern stalwarts Knoll and Herman Miller. So when you’re not working on your next big idea, you can imagine what your apartment would look like with an Eames lounge. 

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