A New Beginning

A New Beginning

By Amanda Dameron
We are not afraid of change. To be challenged is the clearest opportunity for progress; design solutions that prevail over restrictions of budget, time, and material. Through the projects we feature, we present our vision for tomorrow—one that is, in the words of our founder Lara Deam, distinctly optimistic.

With this issue, we present a refreshed look and new narratives that seek a closer embrace of our community—the architects, designers, and enthusiasts that have been with us since day one. No longer do magazines present a one-way broadcast through a controlled use of information and ideas. Today there is a conversation that is constantly unfolding, through online channels and face-to-face communication. It is this give-and-take that makes Dwell strong and relevant, because we are listening and we are conscious of what matters to you. 

This magazine belongs to us all. American manufacturing is not dead. Craft is not erased by technology. Good design matters, and it helps us live better lives. We are not a homogenous society, our art expresses this most vital understanding: we are only undone if we allow ourselves to be. Do not be silent. 

Join us in conversation, help us celebrate what makes us different, what makes us weird. Help us identify the truly pressing issues in the world of architecture today, be it affordable housing and furnishings, the future of urban development, the need for domestic infrastructure, the call for regulations related to sustainable materials and resilient design principles. Help us craft the narratives that mean the most, and help direct our resources so that we may report on the issues of our time. 

Join me in the comments, and share your point of view. Tell us what you think of our redesign, of the opportunity we all have to make a difference in the modern world. We are listening, and we need your voice. We are not afraid of change. We welcome the challenge.


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