A Modular Meeting Room Features a Table with 6 Possible Layouts

Parisian design firm Les Ateliers Tristan & Sagitta creates a complete, customizable wooden office.

To see this shape-shifting office in motion, watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/117413379

When desigers Lucie Hardelay & Tristan Ponsot of the French design firm Les Ateliers Tristan & Sagitta were tasked with creating furniture for a meeting room that hosts large monthly gatherings, they realized they needed to create something that would be "an important area for a short period of time," but that would still be useful when meetings are not in session.

The designers came up with the solution "1 Table – 6 Layouts," a modular collection of six L-shaped tables that fit together in six different configurations.

Video by Les Ateliers Du Rendu & Maxence Stamatiadis.

Each table is made from a mix of solid wood—embellished with carvings and pyrography—and leather.

In addition to the six tables, the designers created additional furniture on wheels, including this "kitchen" kiosk, that help transform the room into a space for eating, a training center, or two separate meeting rooms.

A wooden wardrobe provides storage, while a carved and burnt-wood board provides visual instructions explaining the room's possible configurations

All of the brand's furniture is made by hand by craftspeople in France.


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