A Guide to 7 (Not So Tiny) Small House Resources
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A Guide to 7 (Not So Tiny) Small House Resources

Small is the new big, and people everywhere—here and abroad, in cities and off-the-grid—are finding clever ways to pare down and live well in small spaces. (Sometimes,extremely small spaces.) We recently devoted an entire issue of Dwell to small spaces, and after the popularity of last week's spotlight on the Tiny House Swoon blog, we've delved into the blogosphere to bring you a not-so-tiny guide to tiny house living.

As highlighted recently at Dwell, Tiny House Swoon catalogs homes with a light footprint, from rustic to modern and everything in between. You will, indeed, swoon.

Tiny House Blog

The Tiny House Blog features workshops, an international directory of tiny homes, a gallery, and plenty of interesting tidbits, like this one: The average home in Costa Rica is only 400-600 square feet (the average American home square footage measures around 2,400, though experts predict this will drop to about 2,100 by 2015). Proprieter Kent Griswold also maintains a great Pinterest page devoted to tiny houses.

Small House Bliss

Featuring "small house designs with big impact," Small House Bliss shares everything from modern modular cabins (shown above) to dramatically cantilevered cliffside homes.

Tiny House: Small Spaces

This Tumblr tends to focus on the mobile and the rustic; what's not to love about life on wheels? You'll also find practical curation, such as this post detailing smart storage solutions in small spaces.

Small House, Big Adventure

Are you a "tiny houser"? Small House, Big Adventure has the survey for you to find out.

Tiny House Listings

Buy, sell, rent and trade tiny houses from all over. (Workshops and a builder directory are additional handy resources on this tiny house site.)

Tiny House Design

"Design a More Self-Reliant and Resilient Life," advises Tiny House Design. There are book recommendations, small house plans, and free plans for those looking to get serious about going small.


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